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RSS Pedestrian

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

No. It is private vs public. If public schools are insufficient, then vote to change it.

Neither belief system is forced to do anything except that public schools are to be provided by govt. Understand, even the childless pay school taxes.

1 point

Being objective, not really.

N. Korea is doing nothing that [it] hasn't done before. The only difference is that any POTUS even met with the leader.

If that gave Kim a ridiculous boost at home, so be it. Should makes no difference to us.

1 point

Atheists need prove nothing. Proof is required for such religious assertions.

1 point

Well you are wrong about my thread. Charter schools and religious schools are private not superior to public schools and deserve no funding or tax benefits.

Why doesn't every single 'religion' get a tax break and benefits ? None should get it.

People are free to believe what they want but none are deserving of any special breaks or favors.

I could more easily say that it is as much about religious discrimination and yes, racial too for parents to send their kids to a private school.

1 point

“Science has disproven God.

Wrong. Science has failed to prove a god.

Plus the idea after 9/11 of getting rid of all religion is in no way...'militant'

In fact it is the very militancy one can find in all regions (catholics middle ages, inquisition and 1930s when they jumped in bed with Hitler and the Nazis....that is the problem.

And why religion poisons everything.

1 point

However, in the case of there being a god, no affirmative existential proposition has been proved.

The prof. was a lifelong atheist until getting baptised in his 50s or later, not sure.

Clearly he did this in attempt to cover his bases.

1 point

The atheist truth claim carries with it enormous, irreparable and eternal consequences if it is wrong. That being the case, it is intellectually and morally incumbent upon the atheist to produce weighty and overriding evidence to support his/her position, but they provide nothing to substantiate their limp assertion that God “probably” does not exist.

That is unmitigated bullshit. Disbelief requires no such thing. [It] is simply just that...disbelief. Plus probabilities are a mathematical statement based on mathematical history.

1 point

First of all, the federal govt. provides less than a dime on a dollar, the rest is local and state money.

When any level of govt. allows any funding or tax benefits at all for private schools, they are not following the constitution (religious based) and it takes funding from public schools.

Furthermore, far too many private schools are not academically better than public schools.

5 points

It is my understanding at this time (today) and I have seen only one source but the repubs all too typically now, are going to put party and politics over democracy, the constitution and country.

The senate repubs are negotiating a deal whereby [they] let trump move money around this time while they press for laws to prevent it again and of course...any future dem POTUS.

And no, that not conservative. However, they are GOP first and will go along.

1 point

It's always too easy to be the cynic.

Cynicism breeds pessimism.

Pessimism has no function.

All we are left with and inspirationally optimism.

Yes, it is very difficult to change minds and almost impossible...the closed mind.

Still, we all must soldier-on and do the best we can and that's why you bother.

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