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RSS PenisJew

Reward Points:10
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1 point

I am going to cut off your nipples and blend them into my tomato and mustard smoothie after I fist fuck your butthole with a fist full of mashed banana paste.

1 point

If your first two words are false, then it kind of sets the tone for everything else that follows.


1 point

Everyone knows that I am Burritolunch, and everyone knows that you are Bronto.

A little known fact however, is that Jews are subhuman. I, Burritolunch, hereby proclaim that I hold this as my opinion.

1 point

I don't worship any state. I rebel against all authority. I have never defended China. I would rather fist Mr Jinping with a fist full of baby carrots covered in ranch dip than base my opinions on what he says. I base my opinions on nothing but my own superior intelligence to everyone else on earth.

1 point

You should say exactly what you mean because otherwise you are a dishonest pussy footing pussy holer. If you think something nasty about someone but are nice to their face, it doesn't make you nice, it just makes you dishonest.

1 point

You forgot to respond to China getting free labor off of people against their will.

China is closer to capitalism than communism. Is a tomato an orange if you call it an orange? When you look at china do you see both private ownership and state ownership (as in capitalism) or do you see collective ownership and no business owners or state (as in communism) ?

1 point

Slavery is a construct of capitalism. In order to own slaves you must have private property rights over the slaves. Checkmate, you butt hole nibbling rectum felcher.

1 point

I am going to finger your butt hole with a finger covered in mustard and fist your butt hole with a fist covered in ketch up.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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