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RSS Pennywise

Reward Points:57
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1 point

Ms. Burrito, could you stop being a smelly, poopyheaded meany pants. This advertisement brought to you by the Leftist Snowflakes for Legal Theft due to Socialist Greed for others' money and property.

2 points

You are promoting nonsense. 666 in the Bible describes a mode of getting food and goods from the state by pledging allegiance against Christianity.

He was promoting a comparison of the ideology of the antichrist verses the ideology of leftism. The antichrist described in the Bible is obviously a globalist, Socialist, anti Christian bigot who is loved by the media and the nonChristian world.

1 point

a) like more accessible health care. (reduces misery)

Name anyone in America without access to healthcare.

b) promote fair wages and work conditions. (reduces misery)

Most countries pay way less than Westernized countries. Most Westerners have a $1,000 cell phone and a 55" + television.

c) promote cleaner environment (reduces misery)

I recycle. It's never increased my happiness.

Therefore the premise that "Left wing loving misery: is a direct contradiction to the actions of the Left.

They love promoting misery to get attention and sympathy whether their lives are fine or not or whether they could easily make it better with effort or not.

1 point

What if it's a brown asteroid that hits Africa?

0 points

That is very good to hear. What do you think is the best hair color for a clown like myself?

0 points

Nom doesn't want to talk kiddie. He wants to manifest his overemotional, feminine brain like a poopy diapered toddler that no get the toy.

1 point

You should do both at one time kiddies. Make the impossible, possible. Anything can be done if you put your lizard, reptilian brain to work.

2 points

You are yet to refute yahoo news's factual claim. Highest in last 20 years, meaning, higher than Obama's.

2 points

What if you are releasing lions and not the zebras though bro?

1 point

Clowns have their ways dear friend. Clowns have their ways.

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