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3 points

A class room, now a days, tends to go as fast as the slowest kid in an effort to be "fair."

As someone who can destroy the school system given the chance, this infuriates me.

1 point

I say a lasseiz faire society with laws only to govern whether proper living standards were being upheld would work.

1 point

Agreed, however, children are rarely compensated fairly, and often the job DOES interfere with education

1 point

Economic Survival of The Fittest.

Social Darwinism: false and immoral.

4 points

Yeah, but Machiavelli was right. People as a whole are lazy. Socialism would only work in reverse, per say. The lazyiness of some would cause others to be lazy, which would cause others to be lazy, and so on until everyone does nothing.

2 points

We assume he exists for this particular discourse.

As every parent knows, the best way to parent, or in this case, play God, is to let people figure it out themselves unless they go absurdly wrong. As much as it pains me to admit, this world is not so terrible as to need divine intervention. Thus, God acts the way he should, and does nothing.

The assumption of his existence may be false.

2 points

No quite yet. On the surface, it does a good job of representing itself as a very good piece of legislation. Alas, misuse has probably made it completely useless.

2 points

Invest it into a company. If it works, I could turn that 15 mil into 15 bil.

1 point

Never could work.............................................

1 point

Forget torching it. A much better way to do things would be to buy a Cessna, load it with TNT and then fly it into the mosque

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