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RSS Pestilence

Reward Points:128
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Dermot is so stupid that he was here since my original account became active but he still can't tell the difference between our personalities and way of thinking. Clearly, you are a hostile little cunt and an intellectually inferior, intellectually dishonest cretin whereas I am the Jesus Christ Albert Einstein Nikola Tesla tier honorable supreme genius.

Pestilence(128) Clarified
1 point

That is why I have no hope for the human race .

Pestilence(128) Clarified
1 point

No, that's not what I'm saying at all. I am saying that the Democrats suck, and Obama sucks. Both Hillary and Trump should have lost the election, and we instead should have elected the concept of Reason as president.

Pestilence(128) Clarified
1 point

Highly systematic authoritarianism often seems to work well when it comes to sheer output, but terribly when it comes to how it treats people and oppresses them.

1 point

The author of the post is calling the Obama a douche bag bet that upsets the Democrats.

Fuck Obama and fuck Democrats .

1 point

Intellectually cowardly

Intellectually weak

Intellectually dishonest


1 point

"Christians" loved slaves for centuries, today the REAL Christians are appalled by slavery.

You have it backwards, the Christian's back then were the real ones. The bible condones slavery. It was ironically during a time of rising secularity that slavery started to be called into question. Christianity sucks, and has nothing good for humanity in the entirety of human history, get over it. Also christians are inherently intellectually inferior people and the falseness of the religion can be scientifically proven.

which King, or other foreign leaders, would THOU rather follow??

Honestly none. I am not a follower, nor am I a leader. I would rather live in a world where we kind of just reason through everything instead of allowing the interests or opinions of some ruling class dictate the direction of civilization. That's not gonna happen though, so instead I just talk shit about the people currently running things.

0 points

No. It was just a mix up. It was actually Biggie Smalls, but someone in the press got their wires crossed.

You are running away and participating in a debate for middle schoolers because you are too much of a halfwitted nonce to admit defeat.

1 point

You're an ugly retarded waste of space with a cleft penis hole and crooked nipples.

2 points

Technically it would most likely be FW .

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Winning Position: LOL
Winning Position: Let's have a vote as to who is the biggest scum bag on this site
Winning Position: Let's have a vote as to who the biggest idiot is on this site
Tied Positions: but mein appeal to popularity vs. That's stupid
Winning Position: Every single president of the US in history was a douche bag
Winning Position: Has Excon ever pondered the difference between a Hebrew and Judaism?
Winning Position: Has Nom ever pondered the difference between a scientist and science itself?
Winning Position: because Israelis are Jews

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