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RSS PeterJoseph

Reward Points:77
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1 point

10. Some Cro-Magnon ( the average Cro Magnon was arguably more intelligent than the average person today, as they would have had to figure out how to survive in near impossible conditions during the ice age.)

9. Someone who isn't famous.

8.Charles Darwin

7. Leonardo Da Vinci

6. Galileo

5.Isaac Newton

4. Max Planck

3. Albert Einstein

2. Jacque Fresco

1. Nicola Tesla

1 point

(A) Anti science people are anti science, which means they are more ignorant and poorly endowed in the ways of technology than those who are pro science. Anti science cannot defeat science because science and technology gives you power over those who do not have it.

(B) The problem is that the knowledge is already arcane and crucial decisions are already made by the very few. The threat of technology being used to control and increase the laziness of the masses is much more likely to come to fruition than some scientifically illiterate group of troglodyte cave brutes managing to bring us back to the stone ages.

(C) We need a massive cultural shift on a global scale because our current civilization is unsustainable. At the current rate, we will wreck the environment, see the collapse of the entire global economy, and along the way we will see the human race transform into subhuman artificial creatures who are disconnected from reality. And then if we don't go extinct the wealthy who can afford the gene therapies and biotech and non-contaminated organic food and the technology to survive the environmental collapse will inherit the earth and become transhuman cyborgs and create an even more of a dystopic nightmare. They will probably kill each other before they reach type 1 status.

1 point

This is where Harry Potter removed snake-man-baby from his forehead.

PeterJoseph(77) Clarified
1 point

Halt die Klappe du dreckige Judenratte. Ich werde dich in meinem Ofen backen, nachdem ich dich mit deinem eigenen abgetrennten Schwanz gefickt habe.

PeterJoseph(77) Clarified
1 point

I'm too drunk on the piss of russian hookers and disoriented from grabbing omnidirectional pussies in a simultaneously fashion like playing twister in a calabai yau manifold to find my own sources.

PeterJoseph(77) Clarified
1 point

Sources please.


1 point

Albert Einstein was a zionist shill.

Go back to Israel and suck Jacob de Rothschild's little jalepenis poppers.

2 points

How far into the future?

I didn't have a specific time in mind, but I would say in 50-100 years we could start to do this at a more rudimentary level. By the time we are a type one civilization (roughly 200-300 years from now would be my estimate) we should be mass producing buildings using nanotech and various "memory" materials and be able to customize these designs if necessary.

I was not familiar with Eric Drexler but now I am, thank you for informing me of his existence. I read his wiki page and watched him on youtube.

11 points

The article is somewhat correct but also somewhat biased. Did you write or edit that one? It seems like your kind of propaganda.

You are a democratic socialist, democratic socialists tend to still want a monetary system and many of them are semi-capitalist. Just as a right wing government can have social programs, a left wing government can be semi-capitalist.

But yes, capitalism is a right wing system, and american politics is more right wing than in europe and much of the left is actually center right, center, or center left. None of this changes the fact that every politician in both america and europe is under the thumbnail of multinational banks and corporations no matter how left or right wing they are. It's also not wise to conflate either side with being more authoritarian or libertarian because as I've explained politics is not at all two dimensional as you seem to think it is.

It's true that if you go far enough left capitalism disappears entirely but that is besides the point, my point was that any given party in any given country is the bitch of large multinational corporations.

Also just because a system is not capitalist does not make it inherently better. You could have an all the way left and authoritarian system and it would be a hell hole or you could have an all the way left and 100% libertarian system and it would be at least somewhat functional. The same exact thing can be said for the right.

7 points

You are just so far left that anything short of socialism looks right wing to you. Peter Joseph himself used to be on the right path (not meaning right wing, I mean right as in correct) and used to be above the simple minded left right paradigm. But he has started to identify more with communism than RBE. This is because he is becoming lazy and lacks the scientific inclination to fully understand the RBE. If Jacque where here he would tell you that there is no use for a political spectrum once you become truly civilized because politics itself is the manifestation of a type 0 civilization.

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