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2 points

I have debated this topic until I am blue in the face. Fact of the matter is it is irrelevant whether uniforms or not. It does not help the learning process or behavior. Kids will still find ways to pick on other children whether it is their tie is crooked, their uniform dirty etc. Kids are kids and no matter how they are dressed they will continue to act as such.

As for expression not being important in school that is rediculous. School is not just a place to learn about math etc. it is also a place to learn about who you are. Schools should encourage self expression, individuality, imagination etc. We have too many people in this world controling how we act, speak and behave. This is the reason schools have art, nusic etc. to help children express themselves. The best teachers are the ones that can bring out these traits in our children and get them interested in learning at same time.

As for fashion. That issue is on the parents. Those who want their kids to have the best clothes and be fashion plates etc. That should not be the schools concern. Parents who buy their children's clothes based on brand etc. are asking for shollow, materialistic children. Fashion and learning have nothing to do with each other. Children will find other ways to be distarted or misbehave.

1 point

Hell NO! Prayer is and should be a private affair and NOT a public one. Is meditation allowed in school? nO. wHY? Because it is a private thing. As an atheist I find it rediculous to waste students time with prayer. It is a place of learning and knowledge NOT superstition. i would remove my child from ANY manitory prayer meetings etc.

3 points

LOL! Spoken like someone who is NO expert on animals. I have worked with and trained animals for years. From pets to zoo animals and I will disagree on their level of intelligence. We are discovering much much more on animal intelligence and are finding that species of monkeys apes and even parrots have intelligence far more advancd than once thought. BTW humans are animals themselves. We need all the same basic things to exsist as all other animals. Food, water, shelter love etc.

1 point

Of course. All you need are some creative people to come up with some outlandish and impossible stories about your life hundreds of years after the events unfolded and of course embellish on them ALOT. Then even you can be Jesus!

1 point

If you actually knew what you were talking about you would know that atheists and evolution do not claim that humans are apes. Evolution shows that we once shared a common ancestor with the apes and monkeys! People who do not understand evolution are the ones that makes claims that it states humans are apes! Humans whether atheists or not are Animals and primates at that but not apes.

0 points


1 point

I have done farming for about 20 years now. If you read the cargument I made I said those who fly the Rebel Flag are red neck idiots not everyone who talks with a southern drawl. If something does not necessarily apply to you then do not take it offensively but if you do fly your rebel flag with pride then please take it the way I meant it!

1 point

Evolution in very complicated species takes an extraordinarily long period of time!

I feel that humans are evolving but not in the obvious sense that we usually think of. Humans are probably evolving mentally. We are bombarded everyday with information and technology that we were probably not meant to comprhend. I feel we are slowly evolvong to be able to deal witht he ever evolving and advancing technology and information we are flooded with on a daily basis. I also feel that humans will evolve to be able to more suitably survive our self polluted environment.

1 point

A HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! What he was was a good figurehead. It was quite clear that Bush was not the true decision maker. He had others who had surrounded themselves in the past with other winners like Richard Nixon. Bush was a delegator. His wanting to atack iraq on false pretenses his decision to try to allow phone tapping etc. was from a man who was undoubtedly out of touch. It was Cheney who was the man behind the curtain and pulling all the strings!

1 point

If I remember correctly. Britain was quite embarrassed and humbled when they were finally defeated by the insignificant U.S. for the second time. by a band of farmers and laborers. By a force many times smaller. It also helped seal the end of the once mighty British Empire who has spread their forces so thin fighting wars on multiple fronts!

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About Me

"I am a laid back guy. I believe in brutal honesty and in America. I believe in humanity and find religion childish and obsolete. I love a good debate but hate short answers that just agree with the argument. I am fascinated by nature, politics, history and science of all kinds!"

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Name: R S Dw
Gender: Male
Age: 47
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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