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RSS PickleHole

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0 points

This is hysterical on multiple levels.


'By all means, compare these sheads to the Nazis. Again and again. I'm with you.' charlottesville-virginia-donald-trump-a7892171.html?amp

The irony is that the Charlottesville Neo Nazis are led by Jason Kessler, who voted for Obama twice and attended Occupy Wallstreet.

2 points

Then she's a terrible person. Happy?

Pretty much.

Whaddya want from me??

Fifty dollars. Maybe a card.

You LIKE Trump?? He doesn't donate SHIT..

He donates his entire Presidential salary. He also isn't carrying on about income equality. The Democrats are.

He LIES about it. In fact his charitable foundation was just taken away.. The judge called it a Trump family PIGGY BANK.

He doesn't pretend like he's going to wave a magic wand and dethrone the rich while being rich. Democrats do that, then get richer. No one forced Obama and Bill to charge $500,000 for speeches.

1 point

This is similar to the right wing argument that IF Al Gore REALLY believed in Climate Change, he'd RIDE a bicycle and live in a yurt.

He would at the very least not pollute and use energy more than most people. big-as-his-energy-sucking-mansion/

2 points

I'll try.. She's a LEADER - NOT a nun.

In other words, the old lib arguments against Trump just got tossed out the window.

The problem WOULDN'T get fixed if she gave ALL her money away

She could donate a million dollars and not be effected. She doesn't.

And, while we're talking about nuns, does it piss you off how RICH the church is??? Does it piss you off when preachers get FABOUSLY wealthy?

It does, especially if they preach the opposite like Pelosi.

However, it COULD get fixed if she continues to lead the nation...

If she's not giving it away now, and is getting richer, why would she support policy that would stop her from what she continues to do?

1 point

Let us step back, examine the eividence and see what we can conclude. Final answer. You are goblin toad.

-2 points
1 point

Mingiwuwu believes, but he just ignores it, and suppresses that belief to find some peace with being evil.

1 point

His name is Candy Cane.

He looks like the picture in my link.

Supporting Evidence: Mingiwuwu link (
3 points

If you see MILLIONS of libs on the street, do you think they're PAID to protest?

If Democrats get angry or riot, I usually just assume it's paid for, a setup, a scheme, fake, etc. That's what Democrats do. That's who Democrats are.

1 point

There is no such thing as normal, there is only what you think is normal based on your experience

You're gay.

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Winning Position: Normal Stalinism
Winning Position: Party of hate, nothing more

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