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RSS Pickleface

Reward Points:9
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1 point

What kind of witchcraft do you do AlofRI?

1 point

This is what happens when you don't cuddle your kids.

Why are you cuddling kids?

0 points

Everything from your christmas tree to the reef on your door has an "evil satanic" pagan origin

Verse needed to make me care.

How does it feel to know the day that you celebrate your fictional lord's birth is actually deeply rooted in pagan traditions which were originally a celebration of winter solstice?

Couldn't care less. Once I saw atheists trying to say the Horus and Jesus stories were the same, then I read them and they were nothing alike, I assumed from there on that atheists are making it up as they go along. And with decades of study, they are.

1 point

All Democrats on the planet are unfit to be President. I'm going to secure the border with welcome signs isn't adultlike policy.

1 point

Probably around $100-$150

1 point

What do cops like most? HELPING people or BUSTING them?

It's not cops' job to help people, but they usually do anyway. I had one pull over and help me get a tire changed. Pretty sure that wasn't in the job description. A thankless job.

2 points

There's still around 30,000 ISIS fighters in Syria and Iraq.. Victory is WITHIN reach, but Trump wants to snatch it away..

What do you define as victory?

Where do you think ISIS continues to get these fighters from?

1 point

You have Hitler's exact political views. That makes you a Nazi. Hitler and you would love each other. A couple of antisemitical, Islam loving, Jew hating, violence promoting, free speech denying socialists who believe in moral relativism and get horny about social justice and Darwinism while referencing Marx. You have no ideological differences. You attack Hitler, but never his opinions.

1 point

I want to sword fight you man verses beast, wank verses wank.

2 points

Less Than 300 Years Ago Christians Were Burning Young Girls At The Stake

Muslims do worse today in 2018. No liberals care. They just turn a blind eye and go back to their groupthink. Any more fake positions about things you have no actual concern about?

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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