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RSS Pickleface

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1 point

To clarify, you think that property damage constitutes a threat to a person? And that this further justifies threatening a person with lethal force and/or using potentially lethal force against a person?

What if the people beating on the car are shouting, "I'm gonna kill you!" and "kill that Nazi pig!" and they have you surrounded with hundreds of people who refuse to get out of your vehicle's path?

1 point

Wrong. You always have a right to self-defense

Oh, OK. In that case I have a right to defend myself against the threats you just made by shooting you in the face. Glad we got that sorted.

And then he'd he'd have the right to shoot you before you shot him. Maybe he should just use leftist logic and take you out with the pelting with nerf darts now just in case.

2 points

I would have to agree with bronto if he used violence to keep Ghandi from humping children. I'd have to disagree with you for defending the humping of children.

1 point

You are literally a fucking idiot mate.

What do you mean? You're dumber than a box of rocks, so what's your point?

You've spoiled this website for everybody.

You call everyone you disagree with a Nazi, or you attack their Jewishness and act like a Klansman.

Everything you ever type is stupid.

Stupid people think intelligent people are stupid. That means you.

1 point

In this great nation of ours where we have FREEDOM of religion, the government CANNOT tell us what a religion IS, nor can it tell us what a religion isn't.

Then there is no seperation of church and state because the government cannot define what a church is for us in the first place.

1 point

Just curious... You think the Dems going on recess is WORSE than Oz saying it would be cool if 1.5 MILLION children get wiped out???? DUDE!

OZ is a Democrat Muslim. You also can't find any such quote because you just made some shit up.

Sick bastard!

You did lie, so.

2 points

Are these sick bastards, or what??

Pelosi and the Democrats going on a weeks long vacation after blocking aid to small businesses is sick. I agree.

1 point

What kind of witchcraft do you do AlofRI?

1 point

This is what happens when you don't cuddle your kids.

Why are you cuddling kids?

0 points

Everything from your christmas tree to the reef on your door has an "evil satanic" pagan origin

Verse needed to make me care.

How does it feel to know the day that you celebrate your fictional lord's birth is actually deeply rooted in pagan traditions which were originally a celebration of winter solstice?

Couldn't care less. Once I saw atheists trying to say the Horus and Jesus stories were the same, then I read them and they were nothing alike, I assumed from there on that atheists are making it up as they go along. And with decades of study, they are.

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