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RSS Pigwidgeon

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1 point

If that's the case, then what are actual imaginary friends?

1 point

No. It means he's either questioning, drunk, or gay-for-pay

1 point

I believe the Catholic church now believes in evolution...which now makes me wonder why we even have Pope in modern times. Any theist can apply their deity to any scientific concept that doesn't outright discredit them. All you have to say you is, "God/Allah/Buddha/etc. made it happen."

1 point

Basically anything I'm not fully or near fully informed in, because then it'd just be my opponent educating me and that's no good if it begins to get heated. As long as I'm informed, anything goes.

1 point

They're doing a pretty shitty job with their normal pistols and stun guns. Before we start issuing better guns, we need to issue better police. Then again, I don't even live in America so I'm only going on the news I see on the internet.

1 point

Well I am feeling better than I have in a long while. I think I am getting close to finding my mojo again.

That's good. I know little about you but you seem like someone who deserves to feel good.

When I think of special, I think of everyday interactions with my daughter, my sister and my two nieces.

Well I guess that is special when it makes you so happy. They must be great people.

Besides that, I made what I think to be some pretty good progress on my Free Press Bible project

The project sounds like a nice project from what I understand. You seemed to have put a lot of work into it and it seems to have come off really nicely. How long have you been working on this project?

How have you been?

I'm curious as to why you ask, since I haven't seen you ask anyone else on this topic anything. I'm thinking it may be because I'm the only one on this topic that you don't know but I may be wrong. Well, I've been doing okay. Been having a few problems this year but I guess not every period in life can be nice. I mean, that's what makes life interesting right? The mix of the bad, good and neutral.

Do you have any dreams you are still trying to realize?

Well, I'm trying to prepare for college. I'll be trying to get a bachelor's in musical theatre or performing arts. Money is tight but I do believe I'll get in soon. A Buddhistic law is comforting me right now. Do nothing. I believe it says that anything that will happen has already happened, therefore its best not to worry about anything. If its meant to happen, it will and has. After that, just the usual get a job, get married, have children, grow old, retire. I mean, except there'll be a lot of things between them and I'm probably not going to marry until I'm in my early to mid 30's, since I want to live and learn as much as I can before I settle down.

Did you have a divorce or were you never married? What did you want to do when you were younger that you haven't accomplished? Any advice you'd like to give to me, a person much younger than yourself?

1 point

How've you been this past month?

Anything special happen?

How many children do you have?

1 point

What exactly is your definition of a loser? My answer depends on the definition you're using. But if I'm using my definition, then yes, losers have no place in the world.

1 point

When its totally not under their control or its necessary, yes.

1 point

Do you think it's impossible that some Christians believe Jesus was more of less biblically misrepresented?

But then how could you think Jesus was any different from what he was in the bible if the bible is the only place his works were recorded in. I'm assuming its the only place you can find Jesus' life story. If one does think he was different, one would need some kind of other reference book to base one's theories on.

Maybe each and every persons religion is somewhat unique

You've got somewhat of a point, but for two peoples' religions to be the same there has to be some connection. That's where we get all the sects in Christianity. If it strays too much from the original idea, its a different religion. All of the sects in Christianity deem the bible to generally be true, just different interpretations.

I suppose they could be shown by example and it wouldn't require parroting verses from any bible

Shown? One would not be a part of a religion just because their role model has good values that may have came from that religion and I'm certainly sure they wouldn't join because they saw strange rituals pertaining to their role model's religion that they know nothing about, that is, unless they're truly mindless sheeple. Having good values and being a good role model has nothing to do with a religion.

Winning Position: No, because...

About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Anthony Wright
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Green Party
Country: Bahamas
Religion: Other
Education: High School

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