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RSS Pikachu1998

Reward Points:12
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Money can do lots of things to a person. Money, in today's world, is a necessity. However, people abuse it, and thats when trouble comes.

4 points

very true. Kids shouldn't be spoiled that much. Spoiled kids never have a successful life.

5 points

True. Trophies should have a symbolic meaning behind them. Handing them out like to everyone takes the meaning of the trophy away.

2 points

Piracy is alive, but not well. THe real ninja might be gone, but their spirit and teachings still remain.

1 point

until the pirate get killed by ninjas. THen the pirates lose, and the battles over. NINJAS RULE!!!!!!

1 point

NOt so sure about that. Ninjas are better. Seriously, ninja can't be seen. Pirates are smelled and heard before they're seen.

1 point

bitch. Im not even a ninja nerd, and I can tell you that Pirates suck. They are at the bottom of the food chain.

1 point

WHat kind of argument is that? dumbass. GO NINJA!!! Pirates would be dead if they fought a ninja.

1 point

idiot. THe pirates guns were slow to load, and inaccurate. Ad those "pissy little throwing stars"? Ninja could throw them with deadly accuracy farther than an pirate gun could send a bullet. And your modern pirates, eventually dead, because they're cocky. You don't even know what your talking about. Pirates lives on the ship were miserable. Ninjas are definitely better!

1 point

Thats because your a hater. Ninjas are much better. They fight sober, while the drunk-ass pirate dies.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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