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RSS Pineapple

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1 point

Not only should parents have a say, they do.

Parents get a say so between the ages of 0 and about 15/16. You help your children with their homework, and nurture talents.

Ultimately the most successful adults have jobs they love, so the best thing a parent can do is educate their child as much as possible.

2 points

Without Christians, alone? No.

Other religions have cause pain, and would probably fill the void.

15 points

Dumbasses, listen:

Child Pornography is illegal for a very damn good reason. Thus it should remain illegal!

It is illegal because in order for it to exist a child is abused, raped or violated. This act is psychologically abusive to the child and is in itself illegal.

Now some of you might say, "Well what about the stuff that already exists, we should be able to look at that!" NO! That is, and should remain illegal to view as well. That child (age 17 and under) could not legally consent to being in that video, and was violated during it's creation. If you were raped or violated at any age would you want a video of that on the internet? Any mentally sound, reasonable person would say no. So extend the children in those videos the same respect.

It is out of concern and respect for every child that has ever been violated, let alone on video, that child pornography is and should remain a criminal act.

Now go fuck yourselves.

2 points

How does creation make sense?

How does evolution not match up to (I assume you mean scientific evidence)?

1 point



2 points

Fuck fate or destiny. I like who I am, and where I am in my life and what I'm doing with it. If I did it all again who is to say I'd make better choices?

You have to have a shitty life to want any other life but yours, and I don't.

1 point

Why do you say that?


1 point

I don't understand why it needs different lids. What the fuck is the product?

1 point

Lol, I'm a swimmer, but I have an obsession with ice skating. So when i went to take ice skating lessons as an adult the instructor was like: "and what brings you here today?"

and I was like, "Just getting ready in case this whole global warming thing doesn't work out."

4 points

It's a psychological disorder, retards.

If you force feed someone, without fixing the psychological aspect of the disease, they will exit treatment and continue to not eat.

Thank god you idiots aren't doctors.

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Winning Position: No, I'm not crazy.
Winning Position: Sure.
Winning Position: Hail Mary!

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