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RSS PinkEnderman

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1 point

I prefer Minecraft, but hey! It's all your opinions... I just feel that in the real world we can't do the things we love to do in Minecraft, how we can choose what we want to do, WHEN we want to do it, and it's just an amazing experience for me.

1 point

I think you should do whatever, but for me, I'd go for ketchup any day.

1 point

Um, buddy, how would YOU know? I'm simply assuming you're a guy, which makes this even more infuriating, because you don't know what it's LIKE!!! Also, have you ever SEEN a girl play football? And do you KNOW that they suck? NO! And do you realize women have worked for YEARS AND YEARS to overcome stereotypes like the ones you and your "no-girl-football-players" CRONIES have been spreading? So show some respect!

1 point

Nerds are perfectly fine as they are. Oh, did I see an opposing argument? NO, I don't THINK so!

Nerds HAVE lives. They just happen to be SMART lives, INTERESTING lives, and, quite frankly, AWESOME lives. So nerds are fine how they are. We HAVE lives. You just don't pay enough attention to know that.

1 point

Have you even housed a cat?? Do you know what it's like? I own two cats, and happen to know VERY well that cats are loving, beautiful creatures! They are VERY trusting, and you don't seem to be a cat person, so of COURSE they don't like you! One incident with a cat, and you all say, "Oh NO! Cats are EVIL!" And if they are meeting you for the first time, OF COURSE they'll probably bite! They don't know if you are a threat to them or the household! Take a look at the link: read it! Now TELL me cats are evil creatures!!

Supporting Evidence: 6 Hero Cats That Saved The Humans They Loved (
1 point

Cats are solitary creatures. They don't demand love every single day, like dogs do. A lot of dogs are high-maintenance, but a cat will know how to take care of itself. Cats also make REALLY funny memes, fyi.

10 Reasons Why Cats are better than Dogs!
1 point

That may well be your opinion, but to cat supporters, that is really not a great thing to say.

1 point

That is NOT fair to all nerds; we are all not socially awkward; if there's anyone who is a nerd and NOT socially awkward, it is literally ALL THE PEOPLE I KNOW. And nerds can have "sweet techie skills" too! So don't diss the nerds!

1 point

Nerds do demonstrate superior intelligence; geeks is like the black sheep of nerds and "intellectuals".

Winning Position: Powerpoint

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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