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1 point

so widespread and severe that its citizens HAVE TO CARRY FIREARMS.

Only in America do we have millions of unknown people illegally crossing our borders with the intent of joining gangs and selling illegal firearms. Your entire point is an example of left wing policies failing in a country with a massive border to protect.

1 point

Nothing you have posted addresses that illegal guns are everywhere in the US due to lax border control, that America is the most gang ridden country on Earth, and that much of America lives nowhere near a police force. Leave it to the left to create a gun problem then demand its citizens disarm by stating there are more guns, thus more gun murders. There are more gangs and guns due to leftist policies. That's not an argument to disarm the innocent but to arm them for their own safety. If you live in a safer country, the odds are it doesn't have gangs, guns and illegals pouring across its borders like we do.

1 point

What is really going on Bront?

1 point

Dems saying Republicans behind defund police movement are clearly lying

Democrats will lie about the color of grass so..

1 point

Should Republicans figure out what a straw man is??

That would be called a dodge. I'm now assuming you are cozy with whites acting like they own blacks and their opinions.

1 point

You supported procedures that bankrupted a third of businesses, and rather than own it, you reply uh, uh, uh, but pajama guy.

0 points

So says the guy who BELIEVES that Trump still IS the president, and he's going to save us from the lizard people, who fuck children and drink their blood.

Yeah, that guy.

No one believes that. You just tried, and not well, to avoid what you actually did, because lefties can't face when they support dumbass shit.

1 point

Because the British are the dumbest race on planet Earth.

PooPooFace(57) Clarified
0 points

I'm not concerned because that situation is no different to how reality has always been

AKA "I've always lived under Capitalism, am not concerned about it, but will gripe about Capitalism anyway as I try to put a system in place that may be worse because I lack basic common sense and have feelings and emotions I need to emote."

1 point

Can you tell me what the BLM platform is?

The founders are openly Communist, so whatever it takes to divide the populace against each other by race.

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Winning Position: Sounds like highfalutin
Tied Positions: Replace America with what? vs. That's right

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