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RSS PoodleOfBark

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9 most recent arguments.

Now we have rich people who in a sense are waging war against our very planet by funding the denial of science.

Nah, it's really the left waging war against the economy with their pseudoscientific magic climate meanwhile they ungratefully bitch about capitalism because they are too gay and stupid to understand how it created more abundance and technological progress.

0 points

I bet Nom wishes you would paddle his tender socialist buns Bront. He dreams of being dominated by a real, right wing man.

That's because you're looking through the eyes of a moron who has never left his own country, and who couldn't find Europe on a map.

It's right above the two places those countries you mentioned get their insane Muslim immigrants who rape women, establish their own laws, and poop in the streets.

Note all the European socialist (or semi-socialist) economies which rank higher than your own for healthcare and safety technology.

Most Socialist countries didn't even make the list and the ones that did are much more capitalister though.



You stole your technology from Nazis, son.

So did the USSR. The difference is America ultimately went further with their space program because capitalism is sustainable whereas communist countries can only copy technology then pump out replicas with forced slave labor.

0 points

I don't know, but there does seem to be a lot more science and technology going on in capitalist nations. The socialist ones just kind of use shittier versions of what capitalists invent and try to pass their bullshit economic theories and postmodernism off as science.

I don't know, why did you name that alt account after the size of your dick?

That must be why they are trying to rewrite the constitution and turn America into a socialist dictatorship, makes total sense.

You say that, but I'm the one living life and getting things done while you sit in your mommies basement complaining that capitalism isn't fair because it won't give you things for free.

I think he is trying way too hard to sound smart, thus making him look like an idiot. Not unlike Nom, he uses lots of big words without really knowing what he's talking about.

-1 points

It's around 80%. The twenty that is not meritocratic is mostly due to the rich liberal politicians living off of our tax dollars.

Winning Position: If you were a certain breed of dog, which breed would you be?

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