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RSS Porkchops69

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9 most recent arguments.
1 point

Nutting in a chick when your a teenager and she ain't on birth control. Best nut eva, definately the wrong decision. Bayom

1 point

Jesus christ. Finally something that makes half a shit of sense. Rock on brotha 🤘

1 point

I dunno man, theres a lotta bullshit your supposed to hate yourself for. I dont even care about any of that, I just think that religion as a whole, is a huge waste of everyone's time. You ever hear of the time period of witchcraft, and how everyone shit themselves if you had a birthmark and thought you were with the devil? Religion. Today we blow that off and joke about it, but back then, that shit was code. Religion is bullshit. It's all a waste of time.

1 point

Makes more sense to go with something we can look at under a microscope with our own eyes, and test theories, and prove, then blindly follow a book that doesn't even prove anything. But I guess that's just logic, it seems harder to come by these days I guess🤷‍♂️

1 point

God= creator of everything and everyone. Right. Just like Poseidon controls the sea, and Ra makes the sun come up every morning, and set every night. Think it's not true? That's because it's not. Its mythology. Just like the God you claim to be more probable, or at least implied, than there being no god.

1 point

No I dont know scientifically there is absolutely no God. I do however know, that there is scientifically zero evidence of your God. You dont need to be a God to say there isnt one, that's just common sense thinking, if you go with the fact the only thing that religious people constitute as proof of a God, is a book, of which there are hundreds of copies of.

1 point

The bible is nothing more than a book of which there are many identical copies of. There is no trueGod, there is no true religion. It's all bullshit. The Romans, the Greeks, both had their own religion, and gods, they took that shit seriously. But now we count it out as mythology. Well what the fuck makes your God real and the other, Mythology?

1 point

So it's not real, but people believe in it because it comforts them about death. That sounds like the entire reasoning behind heaven, even christianity itself. Not real.

2 points

Many people give a generous amount of their time and energy to religion, of some sort at least. I just dont see the point in any of it, it's all random speculation, none of which has any proof of any sort.

Winning Position: God is a lie, you probably can't change my mind.

About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Nate Bo
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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