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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Yu once told us you felt sorry for black people who are verbally and physically attacked by whites. Then when you were shown blacks being attacked by whites, you were cool with it because those blacks disagreed with you. You were pro refugee for years, until those refugees were Cuban. The point is that you lied about being a champion for minorities, so there's a good chance you're lying now.

1 point

What's the difference between liberalism and right wingerism?

There is no big difference. The right has become traditionally liberal on many issues like free speech, women's right to compete only against women, my body my choice concerning drugs and vaccines, etc, while the left has become authoritarian and psychopathic, which is the opposite of liberalism. The left said the right would one day shut everything down and exert authoritarian power over a virus in the name of your safety. Then they actually did it in real life.

2 points

And then I noticed a clear problem for you by searching beyond your link. You probably don't want that info.

CJ Pearson

Patriotically Correct with Stew Peters and Richard Leonard

Thomas Sowell

Brandon Tatum

Dinesh Dsouza

Allen West

Condoleeza Rice

Larry Elder

Milo Yianopoulus

Dave Rubin

Next, I looked up the top liberal podcasts, and it was whiter than rice on a sunny day.

2 points

I looked at your list. First off, it doesn't rank by viewership. Second off, even if we use your list, it has a guy who's last name is Cruz, two Jews, 2 gay guys, and Dan Bongino who is browner than pinto beans. The next question for you is how did a black girl come in 10th unless the leftist narrative about the right is false?

2 points

Hush. They're busy convincing themselves as to just how wonderful they all are.

1 point

The Democrats' entire political ideology is built on the state and the corporations as a united front controlling the populace as Hitler and Mussolini did.

1 point

Following experts who told you to close down everything, mask up and get vaccinated or else while big pharma made billions, just for it to end with more people having Covid and an economy in shambles and the highest inflation by far in my lifetime, and then demanding the rest of us STILL listen to these clowns while having the knowledge that they were doing "questionable research" which led to a lab leak, looks like a need for a god. Only an avid worshipper would still be on these peoples' boat.

1 point

So Trump kicked Epstein out for harrassing a young girl.

1 point

"If race is made up, there is no racism."

Not exactly.

If god is made up, is there no religion?

Neither thing relates to each other, but no. Buddhism and Progressivism are godless religions.

In the case of God, religion can exist without God, due to philosophies existing whether God exists or not.

In the case of Racism, it only exists if race exists. Otherwise there is nothing to be racist about. You'd look at someone of another race and not know they are another race, you cultist zombie.

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