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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I wouldn't let him anywhere near my kids. Nor would I let his sick ass near yours.

0 points

Depends on the state. If they came to mine, none would walk away, and no one would know they were missing, so probably not an effective tactic here.

1 point

I say we just have the war so that spoiled rotten leftists have to live with the results of their nonsense and get to see what poverty feels like instead of drinking from their golden goblets in their fairytale homes, showing off their million dollar suits at the Grammys while they pretend America is a shithole, and while they pat each other on the back for saying they want to help the poor while they send the poor's taxes to other countries and ignore the poor because it was about feeling good while you pretend to care. Let them see what it feels like to live in a shithole. I'd pay to watch the evil nimbyists crawling on all fours begging for things to be back as they used to be in that wonderful place called America that used to exist. The left needs to see it and live it just like the people they ignored and destroyed the lives of during Covid. Let them beg for scraps and see the world from the gutter. Maybe they'd then learn to appreciate what they have instead of griping nonstop with their $1,500 device in hand.

2 points

He's also lumped all cops into one bag. He's an insane liar who if he were Pinnochio would have a nose longer than a subway.

1 point

It's interesting to me how Excon thinks we need video of cops to see what they are up to and to keep them honest, but he never has any interest in videos of Democrat politicians, big pharma execs, social media execs, or directors of organizations like the FDA, DHS, the WHO etc being corrupt or saying evil/corrupt things.

1 point

I certainly wouldn't want 'em to expand the DEA.. But, the IRS??? Dude! I PAY what I OWE..

An 85,000 man army of IRS agents wasn't constructed to get what people owe, and even if I thought it was, the US can't keep up with the interest on the debt, much less the debt itself. We could freeze time for a thousand years to attempt to let the IRS get us caught up. They still couldn't pay it off.

What's nuts here, is you're pissed off at the debt, but don't wanna collect taxes to pay it off.. Makes no sense to me.

Dude. You think a government that has a $30 trillion debt has any plan of paying it off when their nation's entire GDP is only 1/30 of that? Your mindset here is like a wife you give $3,000 to in order to pay the bills, and she buys a purse, three pairs of high heels, five perfume bottles, etc, spendes the $3,000 and then she says, "I need money to pay the bills. You just want us to starve and be homeless you asshole."

I already gave you the bill money mother fucker. You gave it to other countries and told your vets and homeless to go fuck themselves. Jesus fucking Christ. Get your hand out of my god damn wallet if you can't even spend the bill money on the United States of America or pay the bills you are supposed to pay. If paying America's bills and attempting to spend less than is brought in isn't their problem, paying more and more taxes sure as fuck shouldn't be my problem. The tax payer already gave them the money to pay for everything America needed. They spent it on themselves, gave themselves another raise and sent $20 million to Pakistan for "gender studies". Not my problem anymore. It's their problem. I did my part, and I don't owe these greedy dickheads shit.

1 point

It's the criminal division who carry guns.. How else would you have them do their jobs?

Hahahahahaha! The party of defend the police and let's create unarmed police forces suddenly does a 180. GTFOH

And you never answered the question, so I'll elaborate on it and wait for your nonresponse. I live in a place where it would take cops 40 minutes minimum to get to my home. Why do you think an IRS agent needs a gun but I do not?

I also have another question. Why is that a government that has put us $30 trillion in debt is owed another fucking dime of our money prior to at minimum proposing an attempt to balance the budget?

1 point

So, you think the IRS is gonna squeeze dimes out of people THAT THEY DON'T OWE..

We know for sure they aren't going to squeeze it out of the billionaires that you bitch don't pay taxes, now don't we?

Dude! And, if they DO owe them, you think there's something wrong with collecting them..

Why do they need a gun to take 50 extra dollars from people who will be majority black and brown people? Is it for "self defense"? And if they need a gun, why the fuck do you think I don't? And please explain to me why you are cool with targeting the poor for a few more dollars when the people that tax money is handled by send $50 million to Pakistan, a billion to the Saudis, and hundreds of billions to European nations?

2 points

Democrats, as in TWO???

Dude! Your calculator ain't calculating.

Two? Your party is propping this guy up to be President of the United States in 2024. You meant 85 million didn't you? And you're gonna vote for him aren't ya Adolf?

1 point

The left is ineffective at using the term "threat to democracy"

It's very true. The party of censorship, forced vaccinations and stretching out voting day for a week has the nerve to talk about democracy while defiling it. They don't want the majority running anything.

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