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1 point

However, if politics or partisanship had anything to do with their survey, I think Gallop woulda mentioned it in their conclusion.

How old are you? 5? You think money and special interests influence nothing you look at on a daily basis? Dude, grow up, or get a clue.

1 point

Wow! That's a lotta hatred, dude

By hatred you mean that you never grew into a man and are too big of a pussy to hear the truth. By hatred you mean that feeling you have towards anyone who doesn't think men shouldn't steal womens' sports scholarships or go pee pee with little girls because you're a sick piece of shit.

1 point

Why is a belief in science declining in right wingers, and ascending with the left?

By science, do you mean when Fauci said masks don't work, or do you mean when the left demanded you wear them? By science, do you mean when leftists all are masklesses until the camaraman says, "action in 3,2,1"?

1 point

In 1970, American was 70% white. In 2021 we're verging on becoming 50% white..

It's not the whiteness that made it great. It was that most people generally agreed on what morality was and where the line was. Now we just have races battling over competing interests, and the left thinks slandering others, lying, using propoganda, and teaching being racist towards certain groups is fine. Therefore this country will collapse just as the Communists planned it according to their own books and interviews.

2 points

Whaaa??? Marxist acts like capitalist???

Capitalism is a fiscal position where you sell a product for money. This was someone creating a social organization to fraudulently launder money to herself. Also, to be a Marxist "acting like a Capitalist" would just prove even more that the Marxists you suckle are liars and hypocrites who don't practice what they preach or even believe in it. Marxism is a carrot to get fools to give you something for a promise of something you never plan on giving them in return. In this example, someone like you is the fool. People like you gave her money for a "cause" baiting you with "I'm in your tribe". The cause was her wallet, she doesn't see you as being in her tribe, and wink, nod, thanks for the "support".


-2 points
1 point

Bubba Wallace

Nothing says it was false-flag or hoax

Except that the rope was where it had been for a year according to surveillance videos.

The noose was real - there was just a misunderstanding about timing/intent.

Stop calling a garage pull a noose. You look like a brainwashed cultist.

0 points

Oh, no wait. I must be getting muddled up. That was the guy you voted for.

My guy passed prison reform, and David Duke is endorsing 3 Democrats because "Trump isn't antisemitic".

Antifa is the group fighting fascism.

ANTIFA hasn't fought any Fascist by their definitions. They've destroyed left wing cities with left wing citizens and left wing governments. They are either terrorists against other leftists or one serious revolution fail.

1 point

Thanks for letting us know. In that case, we can just ignore them, right?

Well duh.

0 points

Specifically, what did he DO FOR black people??? Really.. If I missed it, lemme know

I don't think Trump "loves black people" any more than he "loves white people" or anyone else. I think he sees himself as the only one capable of helping them and wants the praise because he has self absorbed tendencies like Obama and certainly like Hillary and Biden. It's typical in recent times for a politician to have this particular quality, from Hillary, to Barack, to Biden, to Trump.

Van Jones slammed as 'sell-out' for praising conservatives on criminal justice reform

Democrats said they'd do it. Trump DID do it. I am about results, not about lip service. To me, the Democrats are all talk and no walk. And the Republicans are too to be honest. Trump isn't. He has a big mouth, but he has big results. Imagine if the Democrats weren't obstructing, accusing, and investigating him every 10 minutes. Imagine if he were a Democrat without the media on his back for every word 24 hours a day. Hannity would probably go after him, but nobody else.

Democrats would have bumper stickers that said orange was the best color and that nobody does orange better than Trump.

We've seen how the Democrats would act if Trump were a Democrat in real time with Biden.

#believeallwomen? No. Due process.This is America.

Born in a different era.

He didn't mean it that way.

Silly, cute old man.

Better than the other guy.


Let's imagine if Biden's words came out of Trump for a minute.

Trump: "You ain't black if you don't vote for me."

All hell would break loose, and the complete media meltdown would begin. Cats and dogs would suddenly get along, grass would be blue, and the sky would go red. The media abyss would open up and media dragons would burst forth like an alien. Just saying.

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