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RSS Potatoman

Reward Points:19
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10 most recent arguments.
3 points

Hootie Is The Most Intelligent Member Of This Board BY FAR

I concur with your premise young Jedi. He does indeed operate at a considerably more cerebral level than the pathetically pro-establishment riff raff which spend their days here telling you how the Koch brothers are going to save humanity and how Donald Trump's hair is real.

2 points

Mick Jagger said the UK had the best healthcare but he did not fly to Norway for heart surgery some how he went to NYC !!!

That's because Mick Jagger's lips are illegal in Norway you fool.

2 points

Because he thinks you're me.

But I am not you. You are you. I am me.

1 point

There are no meds for you in the UK ?

I'm not from the UK. Why do you think I'm from the UK?

Potatoman(19) Clarified
1 point

I do feel very sorry that you are afraid of the real world

Wait, are you saying this really happened? That it wasn't just a terrible dream? Explain yourself.

i am not sure how long it will take under the healthcare system in the UK !

I have no idea. I'm from Norway. Din bum lukter av dritt.

1 point

Sounds like you subconsciously are afraid that I have a much larger banana than you.

Wtf? I'm guessing you call it a banana because you are used to showing it to children, you sick bastard. It's called a penis. Adults call it a penis.

Potatoman(19) Clarified
1 point

I have never seen such evidence personally, although they seem to swear by it. They are fairly honest fellows so I guess I've no reason to disbelieve them.

Do any of them still use the site?

Potatoman(19) Clarified
1 point

Did he perchance have any swastika tattoos in immediate view?

Not that I saw.

Although it's worth mentioning that I made a presumption he was jerking off to his ex-wife. His children were also in the photo but I just figured he couldn't be that sick, could he?

0 points

Read my entire argument

No thanks. Your "argument" is actually the deranged ranting of a dangerously ill man.

you will see where I mentioned how the Left constantly lifts up any bad things done in the name of Christianity

Nobody needs to lift up "the bad things done in the name of Christianity" because Christianity has literally killed more people than smallpox. You waste all your time here viciously attacking those who support abortion, without even acknowledging the hundreds of years Christians spent burning pregnant women at the stake. You're a hypocrite, a fool and a dangerously ill individual.

Now go and nail yourself to something.

1 point

Like I said. You are not worth wasting any time debating...IGNORE!

So when your opinion is debunked you just ignore people?

It must be nice being a child forever. Do you still play in Wendy Houses?

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