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RSS Pothead

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1 point

To expand on your first question, I would want to ask:

What can the gay community do to encourage more people to accept your lifestyle.

2 points

I don't think pedophilia is genetic.

3 points

A very interesting debate. History plays a big part but the curious part is the switch from Republicans to Democrats. Check out this video that purports that the KKK used to be the terrorist wing of the post-Civil War Democratic Party:

Is this true?
0 points

Not according to the US Supreme Court!

Supporting Evidence: The Court has decided 5-4. (
1 point

Wow, I always though of Windows Vista as bloated but now I'm starting to think about it as voluptuous!

2 points

Are you kidding me? The false intelligence was the public lie used by the administration intended to deceive American citizens. In reality, Operation Iraqi Freedom was a grab for oil. You know what?

George Bush didn't even get the oil!

2 points

Seriously, just watch her videos! You can't tell if she is attractive or not from how she writes. In full disclosure: I cannot see past physical appearance and I always judge my books by their covers.

1 point

If she can do that to a microphone, my god, I can just imagine what she could do to a beer can (I bet you thought I was going to say banana).

4 points

Julia looks real hot here making a stupid mistake on live tv. classic!

Destroying the Illusion
4 points

Actually, I think of think Asha comes out of this video (where they both lip-sync and dance like gazelles) with more hotness.

Karaoke at CES

Winning Position: What causes traffic jams? And how can they be eliminated?

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