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RSS PresTrump

Reward Points:8
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

What is Trump's plan for a second term?

3 scoops of icecream for everyone.

Nonstop railing against the fake news outlets, mainly the failing New York Times and Fake News CNN.

Make rural police departments bigger and liberal area departments' officers required to use silly string and politicaly correct speech when speaking kindly with the presence of a therapist to left wing criminals.

1 point

Richard Blumenthal, et al. v. Donald J. Trump

The plaintiffs, 30 Senators and 166 Representatives

2 points

Retard is such a nasty, nasty word. You should be ashamed of yourself.

1 point

We’re all better off when former inmates can receive and re-enter society as law-abiding, productive citizens. And thanks to our booming economy, they now have a chance at more opportunities than they’ve ever had before.

Did I hear the word bipartisan? Did I hear that word? That's a nice word.

It's my honor to be involved, and it'll be an even greater honor to sign it. I'll be waiting with a pen.

1 point

Okay folks. You want more? Yes? Okay folks. One more big Trump daddy troll for the night. Here goes. You ready for it? Here goes. Here goes.

1 point

Why you little...!!!!

1 point

Why you little....!!!!

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Winning Position: Unresolved
Winning Position: Unresolved
Winning Position: Great success today at NATO
Winning Position: MAGA
Winning Position: Unresolved
Winning Position: Clinton Foundation

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