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RSS ProAgressive

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-5 points

Kleptocracy and no opportunities for the lower classes to rise in status .

Thank you for your time but I still haven't found a good cuntanese translator.

Sorry, I couldn't find "Cuntanese" in google translate so I won't be able to read that.

It was never "masculinity" per se that was toxic. Only a couple warped offshoots of it.

John Cusack replied to one of my Tweets once. I was a little bit starstruck for about two weeks afterwards.

I know how you feel. K-Rino responded directly to one of my youtube comments once.

On this point I do agree. They are using trans people as a scape goat to put the label as discrimination on any other party that sees differently.

Are you STILL talking about trannies? This is an unhealthy obsession you have.

What, is everyone too much of a pussy to check this out? .

never gonna walk down no aisle

True, I don't like the concept of marriage. I don't need a certificate or ceremony to make a relationship official and I DEFINITELY don't need to get legally robbed if a divorce happens.

You have piles, a bad hairstyle

Have piles of what? On what planet does "have" and "hair" rhyme? Also I don't have a hair style, I sort of just let it run wild and grow long then get it cut really short once a year.

stretch marks

I don't have stretch marks and why is "stretch" in bold when it doesn't rhyme with anything?

Your intentionally stupid response is barely worth waving a stale bagel at.

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Winning Position: Can anyone point me to a good Cuntanese translator?
Winning Position: The dangers of grain fed beef
Winning Position: The most wholesome, child friendly music on earth (warning 100% sarcasm)
Winning Position: Nom needs to leave a Wuwu in peace or I'll give him an 11 dimensional calabai-yau titty tw
Winning Position: Just what we need, another cuntservative obsessing over other people's identities
Winning Position: Can someone please explain to Nom that I don't speak Cunt
Winning Position: Unresolved

About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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