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RSS Probama123

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6 points

Christianity is pretty bad too. This kid in my school got beaten up really bad and ended up breaking his legs, because he was muslim and all the christians hated him. I have to keep explaining to kids that im Hindu, not Muslim, when people call me terrorist, and American hater. It's annoying, but i deal with it. Christians look down upon others too, I've had a christian walk up to me in the mall slip me a brochure and say, if you don't convert to christianity you will burn in hell forever you sinner. They look down on me, but oh well. After saying that i still do not think Christianity is a religion of violence, there are just some nutcases, like there are in Islam. Most Muslims arent violent just the crazies, as with christianity.

2 points

"Any man who lays with a man as though he were a woman is an abomination, and should be put to death"

Christianity demands we kill all the gays. All the books were written in a different time, and therefore should not be taken too literally. If we do then lots of religions are violent. I mean what book demands we go around and put gays to death?

1 point

Trust me the music thing is bad. My friends and I did an experiment where they locked me in a room, and blasted RHCP as loud as they can the same song for three hours straight. I came out and puked for the next few hours. Now imagine that for several days without sleep or food.

1 point

patriotism - love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it; "they rode the same wave of popular patriotism"; "British nationalism was in the air and patriotic sentiments ran high"

Theres the definition. I would say Liberals are more willing to sacrifice for the country, because we are attempting to bring home our soldiers who are fighting a pointless war in Iraq, which wasn't a threat to us in the first place.

1 point

They're both clearly bias, but Fox News takes biasm a bit too far. I mean i've seen Bill O'reilly start screaming at some kid who last his dad in 9/11 because he didn't agree with the Iraq war. He kept telling him that his father was going to hate him from heaven, and all this terrible stuff. At least maintain some professionalism as opposed to shouting at this kid about his dead father.

3 points

Well, you see gay couples getting married doesn't hurt anyone while the rest of your examples do. A father and daughter getting married, then the kids are usually deformed, and that is hurting their child. Three men or four women, is polygamy which is illegal, because some of those in the marriage could be hurt emotionally by it. Also this is your religious belief with the insitution older then civilisation itself stuff. Seperation of church and state should always be remembered.

2 points

Worst on the best team, because then at least I control my ability to improve. If I practice and stuff then I can get better, and at least the team is winning. With best on the worst, you have no control over winning or losing, or anything.

7 points

Yes a set uniform should be banned, because your caging children. However there should be rules as to what you can wear, e.g no curses innuendo, references to drugs and alcohol, or any of that.

1 point

Yes I do. If I believed that the other persons policies, and beliefs were better and the correct ones, why would I have my own. I am speaking purely of political, and social beliefs however, not religious. With religion, believe whatever you want it is not my position to judge you on that.

1 point

No Barack wants to help 95% of Americans. McCain does not want to help all Americans, because he keeps the bush tax cuts in place, which only help the rich. That is a fact, the bush tax cuts are for the rich, not the poor. And do you really believe that McCain is going to continue to fight the Iraq war, cut taxes on 100% of the population, and get the country out of debt? Yeah, not happening.

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