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1 point

Yes but this become less likely to happen in a divided government. One would need the office holders own party to go against them like seen in a Nixon case but this a new day and age and the chance of that happening is very low. This is a check but make sure there is a guarantee that the office holder own party will at least slightly go against them.

1 point

Congress does have the legislative branch does have the power to declare war but how can congress declare war without the power to send troops out to the war zone. This power that legislative has is basically useless because we are just sitting ducks if the commander in chief does send out troops to fight the war that congress has declared. This doesn't make the legislative branch powerful but it does make them look useless

1 point

Yes your are correct my dear sir but what happens when you need bills signed and there is no president to sign and enforce them, because they are useless without the presidents signature. The bill is not officially a law until signed and the bill has to be a law before it is enforced. Also some other matters that need to be handled aren't constitutionally in the jurisdiction of the legislative branch which means any acts that are needed to be acted upon that are only constitutionally in the jurisdiction of the executive branch. The federal government will lose it balance and will all come crumbling down all because the Legislative wants to be almighty and more powerful than the executive branch. Using this against the Executive is not a power but a weakness. The Legislative branch needs the executive branch and their agencies because the failure to effectively serve the citizens will not hold up constitutionally in courts.

1 point

The executive branch has the President, he is head of nation and most important person who lives here. He is also the Commander in Chief of our armed forces and has the power to deploy them wherever he thinks is necessary as long as it is not to declare war and Congress is notified of the matter within 48 hours. He also has access to mass media and is able to sway the public to put pressure on Congress who will be forced to sway in the direction of the people because they are directly for them which is known as the Bully pulpit. This gives the president control over Congress which makes them weaker than the Executive as a result making the Executive Branch more powerful than the legislative.

1 point

The executive branch has EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE power on their side, which means that the executive branch doesn't have to be as transparent as Congress. This also allows the branch to ignore Congress and people without any real consequences which is pretty amazing if I'm honest with you. This can be used limitlessly and also gives the Executive a leap in power over Congress.

1 point

The Executive branch has the power to use Executive Agreements instead of making treaties. This also allows the president to make agreements with foreign nations without Senate’s consent and it also doesn’t allow a polarized Congress affect the treaty like agreements.This makes the Executive branch more powerful than congress because it allows the President to go around the process that the Senate and the president have to go thorough to make treaties, which, saves the president time and allows them to get things done when they need them done.

1 point

if that's the case why and how did shays rebellion happen?? Because the Article of Confederation are inadequate and allowed for this.... if our central government wasn't so weak, we could have put down the rebellion. We need and army standing army to take care of situation like shays rebellion. How can we call ourselves a government if we can't protect our people and their rights.

1 point

The supremacy clause does not give the government overbearing power over the states but just enough to keep them in their place. It was created to keep the States from abusing the power the the Constitution gave the and kept them from being overpowered . The federal government is just exercising their enumerated powers which prevails over any state exercising their powers. The federal government gets their power from the structure of the government which come from constitution. The Constitution is set up to keep our government from having to much power.

1 point

The necessary and proper clause also known as the elastic clause allows the our government to act fast. The Congress shall have Power ... To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof. National Government issues that are would benefit our government doesn't need to go through our government process in order to get passed of its necessary and proper it should be passed right away. If it is constitutional the Government should have the right to immediately take action.

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