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RSS PungSviti

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Yeah - Have you ever seen that theory put to practice you moron ?

3 points

I would tell you to go back and learn to spell, but first you will have to learn to talk

1 point

"How dare you insult unicorns" moron

I can´t insult a fictional being

"If you don't know anything about the Bible, just keep your mouth shut." good thing I know a thing or two, or I would have to shut up because a mentally handicaped person told me to

"There is no proof that Jesus had long hair. It was just seen in pictures. Maybe he had short hair."

There is no more proof he existed either - no more proof than the proof for Robin hood´s existence - so Fuck Robin Hood (see how I didn´t insult Robin Hood - Since he is a fictional chracter you moron

1 point

you want some, come and get some :)

Gimme your best shoot

1 point

depends: if the so called "terrorist group" actually has done less to hurt people then the ones calling them terrorists then calling them terrorists does not strip them of the right of somone speaking for their cause, whatever it may be.

In other words, constitutional rights should not be rewoked just because some dumb people (the bush administration) deemed someone a "terrorist" or "evil doer" just so they could get passed laws they didint feel the need to go by

1 point

You are not one of those trench coat wannabe vampires that are nihilists and belive in nothing?

In terms of "beliving in nothing" - Is gravity something you have reservations about?

If= no - then couldnt you agree that we can first start with the most obivious things, work out how they work, and then build on that

If= yes - then you belive in the scientific method

1 point


I am a bit confused though. Do you think evolution is a false theory?

I assume you belive in God right?

If you dont think evolution is a false theory, then How do you see God and Evolution excisting together in the same universe?

1 point

Yeah I know of these wonderings

You have to understand that there have been thousands of books written about Hitler, with varying degree of scholarly peer reviewing.

And offcourse because of how controversial Hitler is, and therfore how often he is used in politics (debates) for furthering ones ideas - You have to forgive me for not being satisfied (beyond a reasonable doubt) when people pick one out of a thousand books that happen to further their argument.

The name of the book also should be a hint that this is perhaps not the most verifiable historic book about Hitler.

But in all fairness, given how Hitler talked about himself and his ideals, I wouldnt be surprised if he frowned upon other religions; he practically concidered himself a diety, and my guess is that a megalomanical charecter like his would want to get rid of the competition.

So ill play along and assume that Hitler was not a devout christan (he was raised a catholic though, but never mind that)

Still like I said, I dont think he lacked the theistic sentiment - his book (Mein kampf) is full of relgious and occult allusions

And for this reason only, I think it is misleading (and even purposefully misleading) to assume his kind of Atheism (if you wanna call it that) is in any way similar to modern day Atheism.

I am not a big fan of the word "atheism" anyways, and I do not consider myself an atheist for the simple reason that I dont think not beliving in a far out fairytale defines my character - in other words, just because I dont belive the Lord of the Rings really happened either, does not mean that I need to make it a part of my character and ideal that I dont belive in elves and gobblins.

To me Religious literature is just that - literature - and I dont feel the need to define a philosophical stance just to say that I dont belive in fairytales

2 points

You will have to explain more when you have time

It is true that the Catholic church made some vague remark about how God could have created complex organisms through evolution (sort of like the ghost in the machine)

But that is just them bending their own rules in my opnion. Catholic priests bend rules at least as much as they get small boys to bend over for them

2 points

Define for me "theistic evolutionist"

Does it mean; one who belives God created complex organisms through evolution??

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