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RSS Quantomhead

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9 most recent arguments.
1 point

Are you nomenclature & number one? Admit to us that you are both.

1 point

The investigation is over a year old. Tic. Toc. Tic. Toc. Mueller, any evidence yet? Crickets.

1 point

No proof of collusion. No proof of blackmail. Oh well. Libs imagine it, so it must be true.

For being a victim of blackmail he sure does act relaxed and cool.

4 points

I wonder how long a banner that says we are here to stay would last in China before being tossed in prison? In Saudi Arabia they'd just behead you on the spot.

2 points

It is not hard to spot nomenclature. Look for arguments that do not make any sense. That is him.

1 point

If Obama and Hillary hadn't been spying on everyone illegally & playing with the Russians, no one would be talking about Donald being a traitor. If Donald was a liberal the media would be telling us how spectacular he was.

0 points

When I get lonely I lick the shit off my ass. I also have ball worms in my testicles.

1 point

What you have to understand bronto is we liberals are all talk & are not going to drop a red cent to help the starving. I sure could suck a cock right now though.

1 point

I'm a Stalinesque liberal, & I sure could suck a dick right now. Yup. I sure could suck a big dick.

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