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RSS QuapoDog

Reward Points:83
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10 most recent arguments.
3 points

Your claim was all of his links. You've never seen a credible one. You lost the debate. Sorry. You're not good at this.

1 point

In all honesty, it's more important to feel good.

Feelings accomplish nothing. No one gets fed or helped by you being high because you are afraid of reality.

2 points

That would be an example of doing good. Liberals are more interested in feeling good while not doing dick.

QuapoDog(83) Clarified
1 point

CNN and MSNBC in Ratings Freefall, Fox Soundly Beating Both Combined?

Fox News is well above both CNN and MSNBC in television viewership and has picked up viewers since the 2016 election.


Rating: TRUE

1 point

Hootie and the Blowhard. You should start a band Hootie. We need more musical trash.

1 point

Islamaphobia of the left on display. Very, very sad. So so sad.

1 point

Depends on who's head it is. Somepeople might have some rabbits in there.

2 points

True. Their own totalitarian strategies and militant attempts, keep handing Conservatives more and more power & protecting them from Democrat attacks.

1 point

That's what a whale wanker looks like? Weird.

3 points

Nothing makes him happier than the suffering of others: particularly women.

She broke the law, then sued because she broke the law. Are you a retard?

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