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RSS Quoroc

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

So demonstrate that any of it are lies.

1 point

If Trump is doing well, why would I vote for a Democrat?

1 point

Eric Swalwell is a beta cuck mangina.

0 points

This really clears up some of the disturbing things he has said in the past.

1 point

Damn. I thought the Democrats would sue him way more than that.

1 point

In this case, he would be at a business disadvantage until the law is set in stone. Once a law is in place, he'll go to e-verify because he'd no longer be at a disadvantage. He's already admitted this.

2 points

The Government running a mass surveillance network to collect data on all US citizens turned out to be true when Snowden released the NSA documents.

The new Obama world.

2 points

Britain’s spy agency has admitted that it carries out “digital false flag” attacks on targets, framing people by writing offensive or unlawful material, and blaming it on the target.

2 points

For a lie, you sure seem concerned about it.

1 point

No. I hate communism. Communism is a political movement intended, or used, to control the people. I, unlike you I assume, lived through the communist USSR era. I want nothing to do with it.

It's precisely where the Democrats are directing us.



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