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RSS RKMcAllister

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I think it is very scary when people say things like "burn these stripes and you'll see stars"- this is America. We were born rebels, and we fought for freedom of speech, among other things. What I find really sad is how un-familiar most people are with the proper handling of the flag- like how it should never touch the ground, or how the proper way to retire a flag is to burn it- usually while playing taps. No lie. I am am Eagle Scout, and I know these things.

Also, I think it is as offensive to yell "you lie" to a sitting President during a speech to both houses of congress as it is to burn a flag in protest.

Of course, it's real- and the reason nobody can find it is that it is also mystical- so it doesn't always reside in this plain of reality. Or maybe it can tunnel into mud, like a giant worm- I mean, just because we can't find it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Nobody has ever really seen a black hole, but nobody is saying they don't exist. And I prefer to live in a world with mystery, with magic, with Nessie.

2 points

How can you say you didn't like it if you didn't see it? How are we supposed to move forward as a society if we don't listen to each other? It seems crazy to comment on something you haven't witnessed.

2 points

No argument- speech rocked- what I didn't like was the rude behavior of congressman from South Carolina

3 points

Give me a break- I think the person who crossed the line was Mr. Palin, who tried to imply Letterman was saying something about the 14 year old daughter when obviously it was about the one who got pregnent and had a kid out of wed lock- was the joke in bad taste? That's subjective- but the Palin's are in the public eye, and they put their daughters up on stage for the world to see- and to make jokes about. I think all this publicity about a stupid joke just gives them more press- which is no doubt what the Palin family wants.

I think they're all great- I think the questions is a bit off- like there's some kind of contest or something. Should we take the final four candidates and have them slug it out? I think a better way of thinking about the subject would be to ask "who are some of you favorite civil rights leaders, and why?". A small distinction, perhaps.

2 points

It would more amazing if Earth was the only planet in the entire universe to support intelligent life forms. I mean, come on- what are the odds? Have UFO's visited us? Probably. Will we ever know for sure? Probably. Does their existence endanger our religious beliefs? NO. So why do people insist otherwise? Because they're morons.

What if we are all ghosts, haunting God?

I think that's a bad idea- I think that's something they do in totalitarian regimes, not in the U.S. of A.

No- if one of the people on one of the major tickets in the recent presidential election is so stupid that she doesn't even know that Africa is a continent, as opposed to a country, why should the people voting for or against her have to be smarter? I don't think the founders of our country were joking when they wrote that they believed that all people "are created equal".

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About Me

"Playwright, teacher, currently in Denver, CO. Plays- Fenway: Last of the Bohemians, Some Unfortunate Hour, Burning the Old Man, Muse of Fire, Last Call, The Morons; staff reviewer for 2002-2005; Books- Best Stage Scenes 2002, Plays and Playwrights 2003, Best Men's Monologues 2005, Plays and Playwrights 2006, One on One- Best Men's Monologues of the 21st Century. Next Production: Putovani S Urnou (Czech translation of Burning the Old Man) Prague, April"

Biographical Information
Name: Kelly McAllister
Gender: Male
Age: 55
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Postal Code: 80209
Education: College Grad

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