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Morality, weather in the context of religion or not, is rules defineing what is bad and what we should not do. Science, by the way of the scientific method, is how we find the truths of the univerce. So for one I don't see any contridections in the definitions, and two morality is not TM by religion in any socity the believe that some things are wrong and should not be done and that other things are great things to do should be done, that are the two side of morality and that ideal system, morality, can exist in in place that are not religios because people want to do what is right and not do what is wrong.

(yes I know my spelling is bad)

(btw this was written by a 13 year old)

1 point

Ummmmmmm.... have you even seen a picture that was taken from the internatiol space station. You know, the one that is obiting around the earth right now.

(yes I know my spelling is bad)

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Winning Position: Feminists are the greatest
Winning Position: Feminists are the greatest

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