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RSS Ramenclature

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Whoopty-friggin-doo. All this proves is that you aren't the only pro-establishment scum weasel who happens to be native american (not that I believe that's actually what you are, because I've noticed that you seem to like saying things that aren't true).

Ramenclature(180) Clarified
1 point

as for what will replace it? I truly don't know. Thoughts?

The most likely answer is something similar to technocracy, because the more advanced a civilization becomes the less room there is for subjectivity, opinions and ideology in our decision making. In other words not only money, but also politics will be obsolete once we get to a certain level. This technical society is also almost definitely going to be one of two extremes, it will either be socialist or it will be fascist. This depends mainly on how retarded the public remains, because in the socialist version there would be a culture of reason which allows the general population to self-govern yet cooperate with the community as a whole. The fascist version is what will happen if humanity somehow survives it's own profound stupidity despite not socially and economically evolving enough to keep up with technology, and the current class system ends up being made worse rather than being done away with because the wealthy will become transhuman cyborg gods and enslave the human race and/or replace them with AI slaves.

Ramenclature(180) Clarified
0 points


Brilliant, now that that's settled what do you think will replace capitalism?

Ramenclature(180) Clarified
1 point

I can only imagine that you don't just work to survive, I imagine you have several electronics and devices for play and leisure as well.

You're missing the point, we live in capitalism whether we want to or not.

Ramenclature(180) Clarified
2 points

But the other side is companies that provide incentive and reward for researchers and scientists to come up with better solution

Companies steal what scientists invent and use it to profit shareholders while those who do the thinking and the labour are "rewarded" with a fraction of what they themselves produce whereas the ones paying them did nothing but own the company.

Ramenclature(180) Clarified
2 points

Again, it feels as if we are debating two sides of the same coin. You are arguing the negative aspect of it, I am arguing the positive.

The positive aspects are what can be improved upon with a better system and the negative aspects are what can be done away with using a new and better system. Both sides of the coin are telling you to look for something better, not to hold on to how things currently are or believe it is the only viable way for technology to progress.

Ramenclature(180) Clarified
2 points

Yes but we can do better.

No kidding, we can provide free and sustainable energy to the entire planet like I said. What is holding us back is fat, greedy capitalists.

We are limited by the technology of our time but with research and tenacity we can find better and more efficient solutions.

We are prevented from even using the technology we already could be using on top of the fact that we are using resources stupidly instead of investing in what matters because of the rotund beorgiosie fops who control our planet's resources.

Ramenclature(180) Clarified
1 point

now with people putting money in the right direction, the cost of solar panels, tax breaks and benefits for having them (which encourages average consumers to justify the up front cost for installation or updates), and the study of it, has paved the way for corporations to spend the time and money to find more efficient means of production and efficiency.

We already have the technology to provide free and sustainable energy to the entire planet. What is holding us back is the money invested in fossil fuels and the profitability of expendable sources of energy. Not to mention that fossil fuels are now tied to the US monetary system itself (petrodollars) and the government will steal technology and hide it from the public if it threatens the current profit-based model or can be used for a military advantage.

Ramenclature(180) Clarified
1 point

I see it as a way to encourage and promote discovery with science, which also isn't wrong.

So you believe that money is necessary to create an incentive? Money is valued by humans because it gives them access to resources. It does create an incentive, but it isn't the only way to create an incentive, progress in and of itself is an incentive. If you add to science and technology, you make the world a better place to live in for yourself as well as everyone else. For example if I create a better vehicle, I have a better vehicle for myself, but I would also logically want to share that technology because it would improve the general functionality of society and thus effect the goods and services I receive. If you are logical enough, improving the world in and of itself is the most powerful incentive and if this was what culture conditioned people to think like it could replace the monetary incentive.

Nah, it's really the left waging war against the economy

If the socially constructed economy is not compatible with what is actually logical, productive or sustainable then we don't need it.

pseudoscientific magic climate

Reality doesn't care about your meaningless opinions. You throw around words like pseudoscientific meanwhile scientists who have actually done the science work are telling you something that contradicts your baseless opinion and you just stick your fingers in your ears and spew partisan group think.

ungratefully bitch about capitalism because they are too gay and stupid to understand how it created more abundance and technological progress.

abundance and technological progress lead to capitalism, not the other way around. Capitalism is just one step in a process of humanity adapting to differing material conditions.

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