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RSS Ramshutu

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1 point

Really? This is what you’re going with?

How do you think you look to other people? Do you think you’re portraying your side in a good light?

Do you think you sound intellectually honest and reasonable?

Are you saying this just because I’m not sinking to the same level as you? With your all caps rants and repeated nonsensical diatribes that repeat a handful of old lies - whilst ignoring the repeated issues on your own side.

Do you think you look good here with this sort of response?

1 point

So back to 6 years old - and really the original “lie” that the fact was based upon was even older than that.

Do you think this lie is better or worse than Trump saying, that he was going to repeal Obamacare and replace it without something amazing with better coverage and is cheaper?

1 point

Wow! Georgia State senator!

This conspiracy goes right to the top!

This thread has gone on for nearly 30 posts, and you have posted maybe 6 examples, of old and largely irrelevant examples.

How many serious republican lies - where they have lied to undermine American democracy - do you think I could bring up in 30 posts?

1 point

Bronto isn’t insane; and the only reason he’s here is that I got him kicked off DDO. Bronto is just the logical fruition of the republicans deteriorating political weaponization that started with Gingrich and is currently moving on with Trump.

Bronto wants it all to be true, but knows it isn’t. He’s flooding forums like this due to his own insecurity and desire to convince himself.

Bronto knows I am smarter than him, and that I’m write; hence why you see him copy the sort of argument formats that work successfully.

Every smart and intelligent reply shows everyone else - including bronto - how dishonest he sounds. That knowledge that me being smarter - and right - must infuriate him, and that is enough for me.

1 point

Repeating the same lie 18 times does not make it a new lie.

You’ve already mentioned this one.

Have you run out of examples of Democrats lying?

Why are you unable to confront examples of

Republicans lying.

Do you not believe they do? Or are you just trying to score troll points by ignoring the fact that your team lie in order to undermine the United States constitution.

2 points

Every time I respond intelligently, with facts, logic and reason that he has to deny. He is confronted with a leftist who is smarter

Than him, more reasonable and with a better argument than he does.

While he’s a troll, with authoritarian sympathies and does not care about democracy or the United States as whole - while he may or may not troll in response - it most assuredly is like nails on a chalk board to him knowing that I am better and smarter than he is.

2 points

That story is over 3 years old.

Thus far, you’ve pointed out possible a dozen lies by democrats.

None of them seem as serious as the recent lie that Trump used about the citizenship question - where he claimed it had a legitimate purpose whereas revealed documents showed it was intentionally pushed as a means of maintaining political power through erosion of democracy.

Do you think that lie was more or less serious than embellishing a story to make yourself sound better.

1 point

9 year old story.

Anything more recent?

Like in the last 6 months?

1 point

It does not sound like you have a great case when you’re forced to pull up a 9 year old story, as evidence of Democrats lies.

I keep mentioning it though, but as you’re so interested and outraged by leftist lies would you also condemn lies on the right too?

It’s obvious by your foaming at the mouth all caps pant-soiling rants that lies only matter when they come from the left. And that’s the problem. This entire thread, like almost everything that comes from you or Bronto are ridiculous exercises in hypocrisy and faked outrage, mainly to get yourselves worked up and angry.

1 point

I have a little bit of a problem with the lying left.

I have very much more of a problem, with the incredible, repeated, malicious, and manipulative lies told by republicans.

The reason is that some of these lies are currently being carried out by republicans to undermine democracy fact. In some cases explicitly through the erosion of democratic protections and occasionally blatant abuse of power and legislation to erode the power of their opponents - and in some cases to gaslight the intellectually vulnerable in order to drive vast swathes of the population into a carefully controlled ideological bubble.

Those lies are very much more serious - as you demonstrate with your ideological deterioration over the last three years - you present an existential threat to your own country as you appear disinterested in upholding democratic principles.

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