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RSS RandomZ5

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2 points

I think when getting a job, there is a level of conformity one makes. It may be in personality, character, ambitions, etc. to be accepted/ hired for a position. Furthermore, you may not absolutely love the company/ job but the skill to learn is to pretend you do and persuade the employer that you deserve it over the competition. I believe the skill is self-promotion, which can also be considered a leadership skill.

Supporting Evidence: Examples of Conformity in the Workplace (
1 point

I would not swim naked with sharks, "play stupid games; win stupid prizes".

1 point

I think interacting with your community is a great way to build understanding with people who may be different from you. It can also help you evolve as a person as you have more people to bounce off of personality-, social-, and cultural- wise. Helping the community can help one identify problems in a certain area and get varying ideas on how to resolve them.

Supporting Evidence: Importance of a Community (
1 point

I think its a good balance between the femininity in a family. Most importantly, I think there are characteristics in healthy masculinity that can be a inspiration, role model, and have positive effects in a family. (See link.)

Supporting Evidence: 12 Characteristics of a Real Man (
1 point

Yes, time will stay the same. A clock is like an illusion of how much we have, but we can't gain/ loose time itself.

1 point

I agree. It's a form of generalization to assume the individuals of a culture are alike. Also, one can still be civil when interacting; get to know each other and not hate that individual.

1 point

If this means "can biracial/mixed (white) people be white supremacists?" , then sure. After all, white supremacy is a concept/belief/ideology, regardless of race.

Supporting Evidence: Definition (
2 points

I agree that it seems as though some people are leaving the democratic side. I feel as if this party's view can be inconsistent and sometimes hypocritical. Furthermore, I think their intolerance of any opposing sides helped create pc-culture. People are tired of having to be pc and restricted from expressing opinions freely. The article by The Atlantic explains it more in depth about how the majority feels about pc.

Supporting Evidence: Political Correctness Doesn't Exist (
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About Me

"Hello! I've been interested in politics and taken Lincoln-Douglass Debate in high school to learn."

Biographical Information
Name: Sharay 
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Education: Some College

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