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RSS Ravenspirit

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0 points

I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic...

If someone believes that there are "vampire like beings" in actuality, then there, in my opinion, is something wrong.

1 point

I would have to go with quarks or tachyons, because of the implications of their existence, (or, for tachyons, the implications if they were proved to exist) as well as the nature of the particles; both pose interesting intellectual questions. Besides that, they are just really interesting.

1 point

Correction: Catholics believe they have a right to exist outside of hell; atheists don't believe in hell

2 points

The Stormlight Archive


The Wheel Of Time

Now: The Physics of Time

Speaker for the Dead

Astrophysics for people in a hurry

1 point

Depends, but this is generally true. Scientist have animated things from shaking chemicals..... remember your 9th grade biology class?

1 point

Try this book: The Physics of Time by Richard A. Muller, it supports your theory and is really good. Also, you have a point.

1 point

Sadly, he might, if he doesn't get impeached in his first term.

2 points

If Christian values fall, the United States won't fall. For one, not everyone is Christian. Also, many of the values held by Christians are values held by everyone - or at least they should be. So yeah, America wouldn't fall, not by a long shot.

1 point

Technically, they do, if we want to ensure facts are facts, but if they are, it presents a chicken and the egg situation; the person checking the fact checkers needs to be checked, and so on and so forth

1 point

I think both are great, overall, but I have to say I am more fond of LOTR, though both have a great plot line, well-written characters, and just a great story overall.

Winning Position: God exists; religion

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