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RSS Raww

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I think you have it backwards. Healthcare in this country costs so much because of the profit motive of the capitalist system it operates within, not because of universal healthcare. You can't use existing prices as an argument against universal healthcare when the existing prices were caused by the private system and not a universal one.

And your argument about the working class makes no sense at all. The working class is the group most likely not to have health insurance and the most likely to lose everything were they to get sick. The working class would stand to benefit most from universal healthcare, not the other way around.

Finally, the greed of the pharmaceutical companies and the insurance companies can be brought under control pretty easily through UH. In such a system the government would be able to bargain drug prices and lower them with impugnity, as it is by far the largest customer on the market. There is a reason drug prices are so high in the U.S. and so low in other countries with Universal Healthcare.

2 points

I am pro choice because 1: Whether or not to have an abortion is a personal medical decision by the woman carrying the baby about what to do with her own body. The fate of her fetus is not the business of anyone except her and her doctor.

2: A fetus is not a human being, meaning terminating a pregnancy is not murder. For evidence of this consider whether a first or second trimester fetus could live on its own, without the asistance of the mother or medical technology. Also consider that the bible does not consider fetuses legal human beings (Exodus 21:22-25), so there is no religious argument supporting the pro life position.

3: People should not be punished for birth control failing, for being uninformed about how babies are made or for general immaturity. A baby is an extremely expensive thing, if two parents were unprepared financially or lack the maturity necessary to raise a child in modern times then a pregnancy could ruin the lives of not only the parents but of the child as well.

4: An unplanned pregnancy can have negative consequences not only for the mother, father and child, but also for the society they are a part of. If this family was not financially able to raise a child, the public ends up paying for them through welfare programs, etc... I would rather see my tax dollars go to more productive causes.

5: If abortion were illegal and considered murder then the mother who had the abortion would have to be prosecuted for first degree murder. I find that morally wrong but I also find it economically wrong as it will increase the prison population and once again redirect my tax dollars from causes I'd rather see them go to.

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