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RSS RayzenBran

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1 point

I fall under the group of people that does not pay attention to female rappers. I know it sucks.

Males: Jay elect, Big Krit, Em

Female: Jean grey...

1 point

If this is about uniforms, then no. Then again, private schools force uniforms as well.

I know schools have to enforce a dress code, its probably for safety. Girls shouldnt dress so slutty, guys shouldn't dress so gangbangy. In high school, I actually got in trouble for wearing too much red.


1 point

Schooled him, bro.

Damn this 50 character limit. Im adding this because i have to in order to post.

1 point

Control those emotions there, lady. This is the equivalent of a relationship argument on facebook.

Girl:"Omg all guys are dicks"...

Boy: maybe if you weren't such a bitch

Girl: Omg I hate you. Im going gay now

Boy: Its coo. no man is gonna want you after i wrecked your shit

1 point

Ill live to be 100 so i can bang the shit out of other girls... longer

1 point

If you look at hairstyles from Atlanta, you will get even weirder/extravagent styles. Blacks and Asians arent too far from each other lol

2 points

Like any government funded program.

It can/will be abused. This attack on poor people is getting ridiculous. No one wants to punish the rich. Look at Mitt Romney... This cheap mother fucker will do anything to save money.

1 point

I am sure the courts logic would be something of, "You should already be a contributing member of society" and if they are children.... foster care woot woot woot!

I can only speak for where i live,'Merica. In more rural areas, this is probably a more common practice, since those kids won't get taken in and the government(if they have one) won't do anything either.

1 point

Typical disneyfairytale girl answer. If you were 50 years old, 500 lbs and you stunk, I HIGHLY doubt any man is going to be with you JUST for you being you.

1 point

Yes and the feud you two are having only makes you both look like children

Winning Position: Is it racist to ONLY be sexually attracted to one race/color?

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