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RSS Razza

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2 points

Hmm, Well I have two different opinions on this particular topic. They're quite important now-a-days and more reliable then the ladies in administration. If something was to happen, How are they going to use the five phones they have to call hundreds of parents?

But! Then again.. If kids bring their mobile phones to school they're probably spending more time texting, playing games or on face book then actually listening and learning, Which is what they're there for in the first place.

If kids put a protest out there, They probably could get their way but there'd have to be boundaries. Such as; They hand their phone to the teacher before every lesson and do the same for every class. Or something along those lines.

2 points

The way you make me feel :)

That has to be the best and in the movie 'This Is It' when that song came on, I was ready to jump outta my seat and dance. He's a legend.

2 points

I'm sorry but he isn't that great. He can't really sing and isn't that good looking either. The fuss about him is silly and unnecessary. I don't like him

3 points

Just to be clear on this.. I do not love sexism. It's wrong and unfair.

But the debates are exciting, the men are rude and annoying but that's alright because woman can stick up for themselves. Men that believe our place is in the kitchen are dick heads (Excuse my language) but without sexism we're missing out on fairly exciting debates. I don't like the men that are sexist but it makes a good debate :)

1 point

I believe heaven is real, but not everyone goes to heaven.

I'd just say "You'll have to wait and find out" and then wink :) Make them smile. But don't upset them. Nothing worse than upsetting a broken child.

1 point

How can you sound suicidal on a debate site? Unless at the end of every debate you say "Oh I just wanna crawl in a hole and die!" it's kinda hard. I think you're doing pretty well :) NEO-NAZI have fun with that :P

1 point

The depends on the situation. I know a married couple who are ten years apart. But they were both over the age of 18 so it wasn't wrong. If you have one that is under 18 and the other over.. Thats when it matters. Then it just shouldn't happen.

1 point

Haha, Reading your arguments that are 'written under another persona' is highly amusing. 'like to depressing' nice work. I think you've got 'Depressed teenage girl' down pat. You're a champ.

1 point

Ummm... Actually they don't. I am a Jehovah's Witness and we don't believe that. You've got your facts mixed up somewhere along the line.

1 point

Would you consider Australia to be the most racist country in the world?

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About Me

"I'm opinionated and determined, I love a good debate so bring it on :)"

Biographical Information
Name: Rachel 
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: Australia

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