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With the sheer amount of mass shootings arising in the news in recent years it's very clear there is a problem with the current system of gun ownership and acquisition more-over. I believe there needs to be more regulation and actual restrictions and qualifications required before one wishes to own a firearm. Even a requirement for firearms training at some form of shooting range would be better than our current system, which in my case was just my ID saying I was 18. I am a gun owner and advocate for owning guns for the sake of self-defense and hunting, however too many people consider them glorified toys or generally use them with a lack of care. No individual should feel justified in owning a personal arsenal consisting of everything from handguns, shotguns, bolt, semi- and fully automatic rifles and enough ammunition to fortify a small army base for a month. In contrast however that's a touchy topic as our nation could not have succeeded in the colonial era, and we arguably wouldn't be in this world today were it not for the use of firearms and regulated militias against our oppressing government, that right should never be taken away no matter how scary the thought of violent revolution is in the 21st Century. I don't want an outright ban on guns, by no means would it be effective in practice or in process, what I would like is a more regulated process to teaching individuals both gun safety and gun handling techniques.

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