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1 point

Only a Fool say God does not exist.... Even Science say God Exist... Look at Space every thing is so in Order.... Everything is So structure....even on this planet.... See False prophet's lie so much that people ask Questions which is the Truth.... Just Because A Preacher or a teacher with a Suit on Say Something so stupid Does Not mean God Is a liar.... Let man Be a Liar and God be truth.... Just Because Everyone say they believe in God....Doesn't Mean Anything.... Just Because Someone say they Dont Believe in God... Doesn't mean anything.... At the End of rhe Day a Lie Is A Lie and the Truth is the Truth....

1 point

1 John- 3;6 Whosoever abideth in him sinneth not: whosoever sinneth hath not SEEN him, neither KNOW him.. Little children, LET NO MAN DECIEVE YOU: he that doeth righteousness is righteous, even as he is righteous..

I do understand what you are trying to say.... But once you know the truth.... The truth shall make you FREE.

Free from. (what) SIN !!! I understand every man have sin, But once the seed enter into your soul. You cannot sin at all.... Jesus was not a sinner But Jesus carried our sin on his Back he died with Burden on his shoulder so we can be Free.... A Just holy man Died like a Sinner to free the ones that was trap under the Law of sin and DEATH..


1 point

Man On this end Did not Write the Kjv bibles.... The bible is not a Book you read out of the libary.... Its 66 books in the bible, Moses wrote some books as well as other Prophet's of God.... John5:46- For had you believe moses, ye would have believe me: he wrote of me... When moses wrote these holy words... He wrote them on scrolls in Hebrew language.... Kjv Just translated the words from Hebrew to old English language. The Bible is heavenly and natural.... The Kjv bible have a Backside, and thats Spritual not natural.... If you try to read this book natural like a regular book you will eventually lie about the bible.... But if you get and spiritual understanding you would understand spiritual...

1 point

Okay back then in that Native Tongue Hebrew It was Yeh but when English Emerged Its Jesus.... Because what about Before Hebrew language... God Is Not of time... God is a Mighty Heavenly Spirit.... So If God Does not Go off of Time.... God has Been Dealing with man.... In Different Languages... So we as Humans Cant say that Hebrew was the Only Language God Spoke to people... What about The Old Asian tribes... Back million of Years ago... When they build them Pyramids like Egypt... The land that Sunk under the Ocean, They have Structure Just like Egypt... And that was back millions of years ago.... So God in this Language is JESUS... AND HIS SON NAME IS JESUS AMEN

0 points

I love you man Thank You Jesus Yeah!!!You Are Right Adam and eve had three Sons Cain Abel/ cain killed Abel. And seth was born.... Cain went to the land of Nod.... Watch this Those Trees In Genesis were People... Adam was a Preacher.... It never say apple in Genesis.... Its a lie what those false prophet's tell.... Their is no such thing as a Talking snake.... Thats Fairy tales.....God never said that.... The Serpent is the Devil.... The Devil is a Spirit.... When Eve ate that lie with her Ear she Died inside( Her soul died away from God) and They were Naked, When we take a Shower we Know we are Naked.. When Adam was created out of the Dust.... It wasn't talking about Natural Dust.... When the Lord said breath of life and man became a living soul.... It wasn't talking about Air oxygen.... That dust was Sin to God... And that Breath of Life was the Holy ghost.... Which made Adam to be a Might preacher living Soul.... Ezekiel tell us that Adam and eve was not alone... The King of tyrus was a Preacher on fire.... Them Stones was talking about people... Jesus was a living stone..... Look at all those lies these churches tell everyone.... The world needs to Wake Up

1 point

Ask Yourself what is Religion.... Pure Religion is Being like Jesus.... James-1:27- Pure Religion and Undefiled Before God and The Father Is this, To visit the Fatherless and widows in their Affliction, and to keep Himself unspotted from the world.... Not having nothing to Do with Evil.... And we are not stupid to Good Nor Evil.... .... If a Man seemeth to be Religious and Bridleth not his tongue... And Decieve His own heart this man religion is (Vain) Meaning How he Serve God Is Nothing....

1 point

Yes its a Choice.... If its Not a choice whats the purpose of Believing in God.... Any ways What is Religion... Religion Divides, Separate People, Family, Nations, Tongues... But the Love Of God Draw all man Correct Yes.... Thats Why Religion Destroys.... But The love Of God Makes Us Choose Him... And The Love That God Showed us was Pure Religion the Love..... And God Love was His Son JESUS thats Why its Not Hard to let the World Go.... Choose Today whom you gonna Serve... Cant serve to masters.... Only one

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