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Your boy is President. We didn't cower, have huge inflation, and gas prices were like they were in the 90s for 4 years. You voted it out of office. You ordered a shit sandwich, so finish your plate and stop complaining.

1 point

Why do Republicans want brown Cuban refugees and Democrats don't?

Because it was never about helping brown people. It was about importing voters. Cubans don't vote Democrat.

0 points

We know the world has become a very stupid place when there are people (i.e. Nazis) in it who dedicate every minute of their lives to attacking Democrats, but who accuse Democrats of exactly what they themselves are doing. That is a world gone absolutely mad.

There's nothing Hitler said that you disagree with. Perhaps you can both hold hands with Islam together in hell.

0 points

If Republicans Keep Trying To Divide A Virus Across Party Lines

We're simply letting you own the virus libs spread to each other while right wingers go on about their lives happily with non-Communist, non-draconian, non-Hitlerian governors. Enjoy your left wing virus.

1 point

UK: Leaked Dossier Shows The Right Wing Of Labour Party Conspired To LOSE 2017 Election

It's either happening in the U.S. too, or the Democrats are stupid heaped upon more stupid, with some tactical stupidity gravy on top.

1 point

Coronavirus doesn't look for density rankings on Wikipedia

Sadly it has to be explained to you that people miles apart do not transmit viruses to each other. It's not a Chinese bat virus. Oh wait...

I'd offer you a Biology book if I thought you'd understand a word of it.

1 point

It looks like stupidity on a scale so vast it has yet to be witnessed by humanity.

So not tyranny or Fascism.

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Winning Position: You support it if you say it's

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