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RSS Republican08

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2 points

Ronald Reagan by far. He strengthened our foreign policy through showing force and glorifying the base of the country, the American people. He strengthened the military, too. He also led us through a recession by the best way to do so - CUT TAXES AND CUT SPENDING! He realized that, although effective at the time, FDR's tactics of moving through economic uncertainty would hurt the US in the future, so he came up with his own, much more effective and long-lasting solution.

7 points

What people like you don't get is that people who are legally married to a member of the same sex usually want to adopt. The child of the couple is going to be hurt mentally because it is healthy for a child to grow up in a household with one mom and one dad. The mom and the dad each contribute something to how the child acts and feels. Without either a mom or a dad the child is mentally hurt because they do not have that influence. I am not saying the child is mentally retarded, but it is much more healthy to have one mom and one dad. I sometimes will say that I support the right to marry but not to adopt.

My problem with that statement, though, is that the bible makes references where it says that a marrige is to be strictly between only one man and one woman. My stance on the issue is that I am somewhere between no tolerance and some to little tolerance.

The Olympics have not been brought to the midwest since the 1900's. It is long overdue, and what better city to do it! With one of the top skylines, views, food, people, places, entertainment, diversity, Chicago is the place to be. Although the home of Barack Obama, Chicago is still a great city.

Chicago 2016

"Liberty and justice for all."

The American Pledge of Allegiance chose those words as it's last and most final words. America cannot afford to be compassionate toward those who have committed crimes against it.

2 points

The law is the law. All human beings must abide by it. Very simple.

Nader is a joke. However, I will not say too much bad about him because he helps steal votes from the Democrats.

2 points

Absolutely Mitt Romney. He is the perfect man for the job! He has strong buisness experience and a proven record. He has managed a company in Boston, where he was very successful. When he was the Governor of Massachusettes he cut pork and cut their state's defeceit. Mitt Romney would fix our economy like he did in Massachusettes.

I am currently reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. It is the prequel to The Da Vinci Code and so far is very good. I am only about 60 pages through, but it looks like it is going to get very interesting.

It is an action book about the battles between Religion and Science. It is a about the murder of a scientist that was trying to fairly mix the two together.

I like books with these kinds of story plots. It looks like it will be very good.

God gives us everything, and for us not to take time to thank him for it is unthinkable. It is very ignorant to deny that religion is fiction. Why did people take so much time and effort to record happenings in the Bible or Koran?

Religion gives hope to people who are in great need, and God helps those people. Let us thank God for all he has done for us.

2 points

Absolutely not correct. People like to blame the President for things that he didn't do, and this is exactly it.

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Winning Position: Barack Obama

About Me

"I am a conservative Republican from Chicagoland."

Biographical Information
Name: Jared 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Catholic

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