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I used to be straight, but then I got Scoliosis.

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Then do you believe that unborn life isn't human, or isn't worthy of life?

Ok, I'll state it this way. If we do not agree that Innocent human life should not be killed, then this argument has reached an impasse.

In any case, you still haven't shown that abortion is morally wrong.

Morality exists in the mind of the individual. I am only saying that abortion involves the killing of an innocent human being. If you believe that it is morally acceptable to kill innocent human beings, that is morality for you. No one can "prove" morality to someone who does not accept certain basic warrants.

Try pricking a newborn with a needle and see if it has feelings, won't you?

Any creature with a nervous system has "feelings", what I am referring to are thoughts and emotions.

No, you're wrong here. The fetus is considered a parasite.

It is both, humans maybe parasites for the first nine months of their existence, but they are still human.

Conversely, when a woman chooses to abort the fetus, she is simply disallowing the fetus to continue living within her.

Thus killing a human being.

The fetus, within the first trimester, is not a person.

You made the point earlier that unborn babies are not human, but rather parasites. Unborn babies still fit the definition of "parasite" regardless of what trimester they're in. Do you contend that the unborn baby can be both a parasite and a person at the same time?

I agree with you until you said: "It is arguable that it is 'killing' or 'murdering' a creature, but you cannot end something that hasn't ever been started."

The fetus being killed most certainly has been started. It is a human being. It may not have any great capacity for intelligent thoughts or feelings, but neither do newborns. Is it OK to kill them too?

I will agree with you other point that women (and men) should be able to do whatever it is they want to their own bodies. But in the case of abortion, this right does not apply because it does not only pertain to the woman's body, but the body of another human being still attached to her. No one should have the right to kill innocent people.

2 points

I can say (and truly believe) that lying is wrong. Most people agree with that and most people teach their children that. But in reality, has anyone ever NOT lied in their entire life? In this sense, everyone is a hypocrite if they tell anyone that they shouldn't lie. But does that make the point that "lying is bad" invalid?

Possibly, but China would never do that because a lot of them wold starve to death. They're too dependant on forign food.

His mental state is of no consequence. His point is valid. Abortion is ending a human life. Pro-choice condones abortions, therefore pro-choice condones the killing of human lives. You either accept that or you don't.

And it's the liberals who want to limit the rights of gun owners and the free market.

About Me

"I am as Republican as Republican gets and I'm proud of it!"

Biographical Information
Name: Andrew McQuiggin
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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