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RSS RhymedReason

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The Joker is a unique sense of insanity, but with clever cunning beneath it all. He dresses as a clown, a figure to induce happiness and such, yet he brings fear to Gotham. It is this dualism that makes him so interesting. A much more sinister enemy than Voldermort, as, which i was inspired by the first argument, he ends the victims in a slow, fearful slicing rather than an instantaneous spell.

No, at least not in the form they are now.

Currently, you need to wear special, often bulky, and often expensive glasses to view the 3D, like anyone who went and saw Avatar or any of the other recent 3d movies. People with glasses find them extra uncomfortable. I do no think that this is the way to go, nor will it kick off if you have to shell out money for glasses for each person that might want to watch your TV


War is often caused by one group having something the other group wants, or doesn't want them to have, i.e. oil, weapons, certain religions, governments, freedoms (lack thereof), and more. These wars could have been prevented by a logical, diplomatic debate and agreement, rather than the oft-too-rash aggressiveness.

Contrastingly, you could have a somewhat Orwell-ian influenced look, where war still exists, but it does not effect the people, to their knowledge.

2 points

This is an extreme example, and so can not be used for the general examples.

2 points


For one, it is an inhumane way to treat people, just to get a piece of information, and for the second, the information given is likely to be false, simply to end the pain and suffering. It gets you a quickly constructed lie to stop the pain.

Your argument is for the "yeap" opinion, not the "Nope!" Please make sure to know what your saying is for the side you've chosen

I don't see any point of having an argument less than 50 characters, it cuts out such things as "YES!" "NO WAY" or other agreements/disagreements that have no facts or logic behind them.

Hey bud, their looking for us, they have the the descriptions of one awesome tough guy and a retard. They caught me, so grab your crayons and run!

This is a trick, double question. Either choice could be either person (questioning or answering) and thus whichever I, or anyone else chooses, you will win, but I could say that we ( the others) have one.

2 points

This goes along with a similar debate on victimless crimes in which I have said, and will say again, that whether or not I have on a seat belt changes nothing about the crash, as it pertains to you. You are hurt the same, your car wrecked the same.

Yes, wearing them is safer, but whether or not I want to is my choice.

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