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RSS Rick_Zeta5A

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10 most recent arguments.

See you never, once again the main argument I’ve made for free speech is that not everyone has grown up in the same environment with the same influences, it’s not for anyone to make up rules for language, because the English language is a constantly evolving entity. Some say that the flexibility that is inherent in English and it’s tendency to adapt other languages words and phrases, makes it one of the most useful and pervasive languages ever. As soon as someone makes a determination as to what is, and what isn’t acceptable, it becomes impossible for some, possibly unprivileged persons to be disregarded. The real reason Christian countries still have such disorder and chaos is because of the disconnect from a childlike reality, once people have broken a law that is suspect of divine punishment, their subconscious causes a predictable reaction, disconnection.

Why do you think they are trying to develop teleportation?

0 points

When two animals who are naturally in sexual readiness are put together, they have sex.

Rape is a human construct, and animals do not maintain the higher brain functions to understand such moral relativism.

Should we also be concerned with 🐜 murder and 🕷 pedophiliia.

2 points

It’s about the handing off of ones responsibility to someone or something else, it’s not my fault, god made me this way, it’s not me doing some horrible action, it’s god who is guiding me, so it must be justified.

When people grow up, they have to generate moral codes for themselves based on societal norms, and culture. When someone follows the moral codes of gods making, they are negating 3000 years of progress. It shows in the statistics.

So he’s being paid to go on createdebate and defend his position from 14 year olds, 😎, how do I get paid as well?

The Big Bang was when all the matter in the universe had collapsed to a singularity, a single point that presumably extended the laws of physics past the point of containment allowing for a relatively quick expansion, but this expansion and the resulting congealing of the gaseous expanse, created the expanse we call space, and the materiel in it we call stars and planets.

People do support these idiots, just not anyone who I would want to talk to. It is fucking amazing how dumb some people are, and political parties are almost as devisive as religions.

Extreme left is just as bad extreme right, what matters is that the people of the a country have a chance to voice their own views, and that laws don’t seek to imprison people with a different political view than what is popular.

Surely your not suggesting that museums are taking part in a giant conspiracy to trick you into believing you weren’t created by Jjeeeeessssuuuusss, are you?

There is a gratifying amount of information in support of the laws of evolution, that makes it very likely that all Life in all planets in all galaxies would evolve in much the same way. These are universal laws for non-sentient organism gene dispersion.

Displaying 10 most recent debates.

Winning Position: Debaters who ban other debaters are most likely impotent, survey says!
Winning Position: Bad Religion is an awesome band, this cannot be denied, it is irrevocable.
Winning Position: Who do YOU think is the trolliest troll on this debate site?
Winning Position: Probably, he’s a prostitute
Winning Position: What is it these fruitcake trolls get out of interaction on this site?
Winning Position: If I create enough blithering moronic posts, I’ll get respect.

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