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RSS RightWing77

Reward Points:16
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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

Sore losers plain and simple!, the left doesn't want to acknowledge the fact that Americans aren't ignorant to the lefts blame game.

1 point

Liberals and democrats always seem to forget that Hillary Clinton sold American uranium to the Russians, but you don't hear a word about that in MSM!

1 point

The fact is that Republicans had 8 years to come out with a better healthcare bill, not watered down Obamacare.

4 points

Another liberal scare tactic without any substantial evidence!

1 point

It wouldn't surprise me if the burglars were illegal immigrants.

2 points

Apart from the apparent sexual perversion of liberals, it goes to show that liberals really serve no contributing purpose to society!

2 points

Haha and who's the first people shes gonna call if her life is in danger...the POLICE! soo ironic.

1 point

The EU showing its true colors, in reality its a oppressive globalist regime hellbent on destroying sovereignty.

1 point

All the more reason for serious vetting of immigrants and refugees, but no the liberals would rather allow Islamic extremists into our country with a hug and a handshake despite the obvious threats these people impose. France is a perfect example of liberal policies and how they lack common sense.

2 points

Lara Witt just admitted she is racist, another example of liberal hypocrisy. Its even more funny that she is married to a white guy, how can he even put up with her spewing that moronic crap!

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About Me

"I am Christian conservative set out to defend the truth and attack leftist hypocrisy and idealogy!"

Biographical Information
Name: Jordan Wilhelmi
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other

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