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RSS RileyN

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1 point

The rhetorician Callicles says that spending our time on things like debates however will lead to a life not well spent. In that we will never affirm a place in society or get the things we want. While this was based around ancient Greece some of his concept still applies to modern day.

1 point

But maybe this is not the case. After all it is the discussion that leads to actions (such as helping those in need). So maybe it is necessary to debate, to reach a conclusion on what to do.

1 point

But perhaps our time could be better spent? Maybe helping to advance society or helping those in need would be a better use of our time?

1 point

On the contrary I believe it is in human nature to be selfish and to only be concerned with ourselves or family. We only have to look at the current state of third world countries compared to affluent nations to see that those who have more don't give to those who are poor.

1 point

I do believe that we have somewhat of a moral obligation to those suffering in poverty. I find it impossible to overlook the deaths of thousands of children from preventable illnesses, and thus believe we are obliged to contribute in someway. But it is still the case that people in affluent countries work hard for their money and have the right to use it for themselves.

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