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1 point

the universe is endless because god is the universe. If you don't believe in God, but believe that world is endless then you must believe there is something powerful behind it. What else could be endless as endless as the universe is? Only God

1 point

Try and think what else could be Endless and timeless. Only God can be because he was the start to everything in the universe. He created everything so God is the beginning and the no end.

1 point

Exactly he is omnipotent but as a human maybe he was under the same temptations that man was. So even though he knew what had to be done he was in a human form who possibly couldn't just give his people freedom because he didnt want them as slaves. Why else would the devil tempt him if he didnt have a chance to convince him. He knew Jesus was a man and any man can be tempted

1 point

Think about how much he would've wanted to save his beloved people and to follow him, this would've have been very easy if he sided with the devil and removed free will. We were created to follow him but after we ate the apple we were given sin. So he created a world that needed to be fix or at least save people from their sins. In the only way to do this was by sacrificing his most beloved son in human form so they could be free from sin.

1 point

In my opinion, its more about genetic. If your mom is compassionate insecure and loving and her genes are dominant then most likely you'll receive those traits. So maybe you have the appearance of your father because those are the dominant genes he carries and your mother genes are dominant in deciding your personality.

1 point

It will be the extinction of the human race as we know it for one reason and one reason only. The AI will not ever be considered humans because they will never have our soul. The compassion in AI will be programmed and will not be the gift that God gave us, hopefully I stay dead as a human and my soul moves on.

2 points

Jesus fought the temptation he received from the devil who promised him all the riches on the world. He would have been a high ruler in hell , but he chose death to save his people. Jesus was all knowing because he was the Son of God, created from the holy spirit. So even though he knew what had to be done, he still had free will to do as he pleased, so in my eyes that is extraordinary. Turning down a life of riches and fame for a life of persecution.

1 point

Try and imagine the universe as endless. If the universe really is endless then religion is true. The only thing that can be endless and timeless is god himself. Prophets have come and gone, but prophets foretold the arrival of jesus christ. You might not believe Jesus did miracles, but there is proof that he existed. His teachings were recorded and spread just the like the good book had said they would.

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