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10 most recent arguments.

It's a video from Alex Jones. How much more bias could it be. Dolt.

Ok, then you tell me if you pissed me off. Would you rather I own a gun or a knife?

2 points

How is that skewed? You can't decide what gun deaths matter and don't b

2 points

Majorly prevalent? That doesn't make sense.

Guns owners are 4.2 times more likely to be killed by a gun. That's a statistic. Not a saying. Facts back up the fact that guns are dangerous.

2 points

How absolutely delusional is it that 50% tried to say guns aren't dangerous. They're guns! That the point. For it against them it's the entire purpose of guns.

Only about 1000 more die in accidents every year. Thats nothing considering both are in the 30,000. And guns are projected to surpass accidents in 2015. And there are a lot more cars then guns. Therefor cars are safer than guns.

The point is, you can find multiple pages on almost anything online. It does not make it prevalent. And don't try to avoid what my point is by being fake literal.

I'd like to see where you got these #'s. because I'd be willing to bet that those numbers are deaths not murders. The gun death total is much higher. Gun murders is 10,000. Again. Nice try.

There are already restrictions on the type of knife you can carry.

Here's where I draw the line. When every rational unbiased person as well as statistic tells me that a certain weapon is doing much greater damage then the small amount of good it's doing. I draw the line there.

And for the record. Just because you know where to stab someone. Doesn't mean you'll be able to. It's a lot easier to avoid a knife than a bullet.

Again yes cars can be used to mirder a person. But it's much more difficult. You didn't actually even make an argument on that point.

No amount of a guys who want to catch their own meat. Or people who want to put holes in targets is worth all the bodies piled up on the freedom to do so. Think about the fucking selfishness of that. "I don't care that people are dying, I like to sports shoot".

The only argument is for self defense. And the statistics show, you're not safer with a gun. So if you're not safer. It's not defense.

You can type in "monkey at ikea" and you'll get pages of google results. Doesn't mean it's happening a lot.

Ok instead of addressing the lunacy of all these individually. Let me say, if you add up all of the deaths by these objects together it wouldn't be half of the gun murders. And they serve purposes outside of murder.

I don't think he'll be starring in any action films certainly but the point is, if he had a gun at least 10 or so of those are dead.

Not everyone is as skilled as you with a box cutter, which is terrifying btw. Chances are very few people studied where too stab people. But everyone can point a gun.

A car from an in park position is most likely not going to kill or even really injure you unless you stand and looked stunned at it.

You're right. Many things can be a weapon, but few if any of those things would be ONLY a weapon. Guns serve no other purpose but too kill.

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About Me

"Stand up comic"

Biographical Information
Name: Rob Mailliux
Gender: Dude
Age: 34
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Green Party
Country: Canada
Religion: Atheist

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