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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

Why do the Democrats always have to be the grown up??


Your party claims that "words hurt", needs "safe spaces", and lives in a fairytale world where you can self identify as a genderless octopus. Shut the fuck up.

1 point

Ordinarily, it would.. But, these times are anything but ordinary

So you took something from the evil, greedy 1% that could drop you dead. Pretty smart. Thank goodness the government that hid intentionally pouring Agent Orange on their own soldiers and attacked anyone who dared come to the obvious conclusion that the virus leaked from a Wuhan lab, especially considering the first whistleblower was literally a doctor in Wuhan where the lab is, and said lab that we later found out that the US government funded. I personally make decisions for myself, but I'm not a thoughtless, spineless lemming, so surely you understand. 2021/06/04/wuhan-lab-was-to-get-1-5m-in-federal-grant-money-for-bat-study-emails/amp/

0 points

You must really think people are cataclysmically stupid.

It is very refreshing to see a person fully able to self diagnose themselves. Now it's not needed for anyone to call you any names referencing your lack of intelligence and basic common sense skills.

I noticed yesterday that you got caught proving this handicap in a debate about grammar. You might want to work on that level of stupidity in the future.

1 point

Are ya fucking retarded?

Please don't insult retarded people by implying that burritolunch is as smart as them.

1 point

I'm not bronto. You are thedevil and nom though.

1 point

They are NOT gonna get in. To think they are, is BONKERS, BONKERS and even BONKIER than that..

Then why do libs themselves agreed there are tens of millions of illegals in the country?

What, you think these people can't get near the border and attempt the jump all across the border seperate from each other?

In spite of all that, Trump tells you to be afraid, and you are..

We aren't afraid. We're pissed that Democrats would have just let them in regardless of the laws we have agreed and voted on. We're pissed that a media funded by billionaire Communist Marxists call us Nazis for trying to protect our country from people who aren't supposed to come here per the law.

2 points

Someone named Hootie. Not much of a response. Looks like the left loses another debate.

1 point

Trump is going around saying the news is fake news

It's fake news folks. Fake news" vs "People watching Fox News are living in another reality."

Exact equivalency. Nice try though.

1 point

Obama must have been a Nazi because only Nazis mock the media.

4 points

Nationalism Is Not Only Possible, It’s Essential

There has to be something concrete that makes those of us living in the United States more than just co-residents who share little other than proximity. There has to be something that makes 300 million people into “we” and “us.” That something is nationalism.

-Huffpost 2014

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