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1 point

I agree that immigrants can be or are a good thing to our economy. However, I believe there are also those that do not contribute anything at all, simply because they refuse to integrate, mainly because they do not speak the language. I think that 1 year is definetely too short, and maybe obligation to learn a language is too harsh all together, but I do think there should be some sort of strong motivational policy towards learning the language of the country you yourself chose to live in.

1 point

I think it is very hard to choose between freedom and privacy. They are closely intertwined and I don't think one can exist without the other. I believe the actions taken by the NSA are, to some extend, legitimate (after all, there are still many terrorist threats), but I also fear that they take it too far, just for their own good.

Unfortunately I have too little knowledge of the NSA's specific strategies and, more importantly, their justification. However, when what they do is all legitimate and within the law, it would probably really help the public settle down if they would openly speak about their activities (although this may in turn have a negative effect on security/privacy...).

1 point

I don't know about the technicalities of online privacy (what is possible, what is not), but I do think that complete privacy is impossible and will always be impossible.

I always thought: why do people bother so much about their privacy and about Facebook having their number and everything? What value could the phone number of an average Dutch citizen possibly have to Facebook? However, when I think about it now, I must admit that if other information, like online purchases or social media uploads would be openly accessible, this might get you in serious trouble later in life when applying for a job or life insurance.

In short, I know how I feel about it, but have absolutely no idea what to do about it or what the future might bring!

1 point

Some online dating sites check the validity of every profile before it goes online. Would that be a reason for you to change your mind?

1 point

You are right, online dating is indeed more popular around the age of 35. The older generation is much less inclined to hang in a bar all night to flirt and possibly meet someone interesting. For our generation there are of course much more possibilities that make it unnecessary to 'resort to' online dating. However, what do you think of apps like Tinder, which is VERY popular among our age group?

1 point

You say that people will not 'unlearn' to date. What do you think of apps like Tinder and more simple online dating sites? Might they not completely change the idea we have of dating and romance?

1 point

I very much agree with this statement. Facebook is very much a social medium, in the sense that people use it mostly to communicate with their peers, share information, photographs, all of these very personal and often very unprofessional. Judging a person by his Facebook profile could very often give you a very different impression than meeting that person in real-life, most people only share the positive aspects of themselves. Then again, isn't this the case in a job interview either? On your resume you mostly highlight your positive points and leave out the negative ones.

The main reason why I think they are not a reliable source of information is simply because the information on them is not of any use for employers and does not say anything about the work ethic or professional skills of the applicant. LinkedIn is a much better alternative.

Therefore, always keep your Facebook profile private and don't befriend colleagues ;)

1 point

Even though I feel I am not in the best position to comment on this statement, because I do not know enough about the advantages and pitfalls of sustainable businesses, I do think they are a very good place to start. However, without any other changes on smaller and higher level, they may not have enough impact to solve the real environmental crisis. To be able to do this, 'everyone' needs to work together, meaning that for instance, there shouldn't be any environmentally unfriendly businesses that somehow level out the sustainability of other businesses. Moreover, it is important that the financial rewards and costs for starting a sustainable business are comparable to those of starting a 'normal' business.

Sustainable businesses defenitely aren't the only way.

1 point

I agree with Meike. It really depends on the case and I think that with very serious offenses (murder) privacy rights go out the window.. However, I also strongly agree with the point made about reputation and therefore I think that the police should be very carefull with using above mentioned media for manhunts. It might be better to not use them at all, but my knowledge on this matter is too little to be able to make a proper statement!

1 point

I agree with Michael on all of the points made, but I must add a comment about the fact that they advertise, or are allowed to advertise, their service. The fact that such a website even exists is one thing, in the end it is probably not the only moraly incorrect product or service out there, but the fact that they are actually on the radio (and TV?) with promotional material nauseates me. Of course people are allowed to make their own choices, but advertising such a morally incorrect phenomenon is just hurtful. Moreover, did anyone consider the fact that children are also listening to the radio? What are they to make of these kinds of advertisements..?

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